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  1. Hawkeye82

    Covert Outlook

    Just saw Covert has a panoramic camera. Anybody running one of these? Anything good or bad to say?
  2. Hawkeye82

    Muzzy question....

    I would say to tighten up your shot group try different powder, loads, and bullets to see what works best in your rifle. I switched from pellets to loose powder this year and my shot group has tightened up dramatically.
  3. Hawkeye82

    Muzzy question....

    I personally wouldn't want to be walking around with a dirty barrel. Depending on what you are shooting it can be quite corrosive and cause your barrel to pit in no time. As far as grouping better after a few shots I would saying your barrel warming up would have something to do with it.
  4. Hawkeye82


    I have 4 MP6's. Great day time pics but I'm not too impressed with the flash range at night. I don't think it's quite as good as they advertise.
  5. Hawkeye82

    HHA DSXL5510 Single pin bow sight

    Pretty much brand new. Took it to the range and decided to stick with the multi pin. Comes with all the instructions and all of the yardage tapes. Can be picked up in cedar falls/waterloo area or I can ship it. $190
  6. Hawkeye82

    hog arrow?

    I agree. Best eating wild hogs are right around 100lbs. That set up of hers should be no issue with a hog that size.
  7. Hawkeye82

    counterfeit RAGE broad heads

    Bought a couple packs last month on eBay and didn't open them till now. Pretty sure I'm in the same boat.
  8. Hawkeye82

    Sligh Buck Down

    That is a stud! Congrats.
  9. Hawkeye82

    Youth Model Muzzleloaders

    I bought my daughter the knight little horn this spring. She is shooting a 200gr bullet being pushed by 70gr of triple 7. She is pretty accurate with it out to 50 yds right now. I got her one of those Caldwell field pods and she has no issues.
  10. Hawkeye82

    good hunting knive?

    I use a Gerber Gator for a skinning knife and a Benchmade seat belt cutter for gutting.
  11. Hawkeye82

    Check out my Episode!

    Great episode. HGO is by far my favorite show on tv.
  12. Hawkeye82

    Switching broadheads.

    I used them a good bit when they first came out. Huge hole as tons of blood. Only thing that I didn't like was after a few times of taking them in and out of my quiver the spider clips that hold the blades would start to get jacked up and I would have to replace them.
  13. Hawkeye82

    public land in Allamakee

    Tons of public land in the SE corner of the county. I would start there.
  14. Hawkeye82

    trophy ridge react sight with smart pin technology

    I threw one on my bow this summer. It does make sighting in very quick and easy. It is very solid and tool less adjustments are nice. I sighted in the 20 and 40 yd pins and everything else is pretty much right on. As stated before you need to know your limits. I don't plan on using the 60 yd...
  15. Hawkeye82

    Covert Cameras

    Wing supply having another great sale on these right now.
  16. Hawkeye82

    Covert Ops - Code Black

    Getting ready to pull the trigger on one of these. By looking at the coverage maps in the area of Allamakee County I hunt T-Mobile is the only option. Has anybody tried their plan? Anybody got anything to say good or bad about their service.
  17. Hawkeye82

    youth hunting question

    Don't mean to highjack the thread but this is my first year taking my daughter for the youth season and was curious if the youth tag is sold over the counter or you had to do something else to get it?
  18. Hawkeye82

    Deer blind windows?

    Vman I was thinking about ordering some windows from deer view. Did you get the sliders or the hinged windows? Pretty happy with the quality?
  19. Hawkeye82

    Youth Muzzleloader

    Bought my daughter the knight littlehorn for her birthday this year. Put a Nikon Omega scope on it this week. Going to go to the range tomorrow afternoon and try it out. Seems like a pretty well made rifle.
  20. Hawkeye82

    Scoutguard/Covert controller

    I might have a covert remote laying around. Let me see what I can find.
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