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  1. Big Benny

    Got my 2021 Deer Back

    Looks great!!! Could you let us know who did it??? I’m looking for a new taxidermist as my current one is retiring
  2. Big Benny

    Taxidermist question

    Had collins In Denver do 8-9 for me. Love the work but feel like I need a back up
  3. Big Benny

    Taxidermist question

    Independence/Waterloo area
  4. Big Benny

    Taxidermist question

    So my taxidermist of the last 15 years has informed me that he may not take very many deer in this year. I’m in north east Iowa and not afraid to travel of spend money on good work. Any recommendations??? Thanks
  5. Big Benny

    3rd times a charm!

    That’s awesome. Congrats man
  6. Big Benny

    Colorado hunt

    So me and some buddies are headed to south west Colorado on a hunt and I was just wondering how people carry side arms when on a hunt like that. Belt, shoulder strap???whats easier to carry? It will be mid October, so cold, wind, and snow.What’s easier to access? Any help would be awesome. Thanks
  7. Big Benny

    Opening morning success!

    Nice job to father and son!! Hope there many more to come!!
  8. Big Benny

    Carry holister with laser?

    Question, I just bought a new pistol, and mounted a mini red laser optic on it. What I’m wondering is can I get a holister that would be made for specific gun/laser combo? Or do I just need one that would accommodate any?
  9. Big Benny

    Since I cant rely on this shop, Who do you guys reccomend?

    Double lung in Laporte city is my go to, but I think there is a pretty good shop in Decorah too-I’ve been there in the past- prymore your area
  10. Big Benny

    Youth 20gauge for sale???

    Anyone have or know of any youth 20gauge for sale? No brand specific just kicking around ideas to get prices of what’s out there. Thanks
  11. Big Benny

    2018-19 Team Contest Score Thread (Teams)

    Is that a small point on his forehead I spy???
  12. Big Benny

    2018-19 Team Contest Score Thread (Teams)

    Buck for team 7 will score him up again later. Buddy taped him at 138. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk[
  13. Big Benny

    Gun safes

    X2!!!i bought a 24 gun from dicks 2 hrs ago and now I need another
  14. Big Benny

    New bow sight

    That’s what I’m afraid of is forgetting to move the yardage. I’ll if it is that big of a hassle in the stand when a deer is coming in or if you move it and then deer moves into different shooting lane. I guess I’m just asking if having one pin is worth the hassle of making adjustments to sight...
  15. Big Benny

    New bow sight

    So I just bought a Elite Impulse 31 and need a new sight. I’ve always used a five pin fixed sight and the new single pin sights have piqued my interest. Anyone have any suggestions? Haven’t had to buy a new sight in 5plus years so not sure what’s good anymore
  16. Big Benny

    2018 Rut report

    Missed my #1 at 4:10 today he was cruising between two bedding areas. He’s a 160 ten with huge brows. After the shot he walked off like nothing happened. Grunted him back 2 more times but no shot opportunities. He’s 5+ this year. Only gonna get better I assume
  17. Big Benny

    First scrape of the year!

    I got deer brain bad too!!!
  18. Big Benny

    World Record TYPICAL Dead head found shed season, NE IOWA!!!!! 221 & 7/8”

    No big deer up here... all down south from what I’m told. Cwd got em all lol
  19. Big Benny

    Same buck?

    I’m gonna at yes-he split the three and grew the four. But then again I love happy endings.
  20. Big Benny

    Mounts..let’s see them

    That cougar is freaking sweet!!!!
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