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    Farmland Prices definitely off the highs

    Do you think that slide will happen mostly on the high end of the scale? I would say in my neck of the woods the low end will not see as significant of a slide.
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    No Doe shooting for ME…. U guys down?

    Just south of 80 in central part of the state. Lot of Ehd but on my property typically have 8 does with fawns. We had about 4 with fawns this year. Small property of 50 acres but plenty of food/cover on it. Actually more than in the past actually.
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    Blind window ? Open or shut

    Do you guys keep blind windows open or shut then open once you are ready to shoot? In the spot I am at for bow hunting the quarters are tight…..standing corn is 40 yards from the blind. Everything 40 and in is cut.
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    Forestry Disc Mulcher

    Rented a seppi cl150 drum mulcher it works fine but doesn’t do much more than my rotary brush mower. I was surprised I could keep the drum rolling and respool wasn’t too bad with the variable boost. Thinking of trying or buying that diamond 48” disc mulcher for the bigger stuff.
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    A second ARCHERY tag in Iowa??

    I am for the one buck tag only no matter what. Roll the dice and pick your season let the odds fall where they may!
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    Forestry Disc Mulcher

    Yeah I saw that. I am wondering if their 60” standard flow will be adequate.
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    Forestry Disc Mulcher

    kubota 97
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    Forestry Disc Mulcher

    Anyone used any of the standard flow disc mulchers? What are your thoughts? I see diamond makes one are there any others anyone has run. Obviously high flow is much more ideal but that isn’t what I have in mind currently.
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    Bear pistols

    I personally just run my 9mm with buffalo bore. Pepper spray is first defense! In reality I have a better chance of deterring a bear with a cloud than me hitting a bear multiple times in a split second.
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    Spartan Go Live NIB Verizon

    Brand new in box Spartan go live Verizon camera. Never used…$300.
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    Plot salvage

    Rye is pretty dang hard to beat in terms of ease of establishment.
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    Bowstring Problem

    Needs reserved at a min.
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    When do deer use corn vs beans

    Any difference with precipitation whether before or during?
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    When do deer use corn vs beans

    What weather patterns do deer go to corn fields vs bean fields come November, December, January? Seems like they are in one or the other around me but I haven’t got it quite figured out.
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    Random Thursday question/thought on genetics.

    The other question I have is how much the female contributes to the genetic antler size? I know with show animals a lot of times you could count on specific females to produce a quality offspring no matter what the male was. Some combos were better than others but the females were at the time...
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    Deere has see and spray now no need to wait.
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    Waterhemp in beans

    All 3 is called scorched earth…..that’s a southern boy trick for sure.
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    Waterhemp in beans

    Add more crop oil or Mso if weeds get big
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    Changing opinions on the amount of does to shoot…

    It is so sporadic in my area just south of 80. There are pockets where no hunting is allowed and deer population crazy and then the sections all around it are basically void year round. Farmers all complain there are too many but it is down a lot from 10 years ago as a whole in the county...
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