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    Any better trail camera options?

    +1 for CuddeLink. There's pros and cons to every cell cam brand but I like these for the cost and monthly rates.
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    What happened?

    Saturday evening was slow but Sunday morning and evening I had great encounters with a few 3 years olds and a 4+ buck I just wasn't ready to shoot at this point.
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    This is huge. Are either of these 501c3 ? I'm not sure about the legalities of mixing non-profits and lobbying but it might get businesses and individuals to donate more if they are able to write that off on their taxes.
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    I'd start with the landowner and then call the CO regardless. Even if your landowner doesn't want to press charges it will at least put that truck and driver on the COs radar.
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    Who do you prefer, DeSantis or Trump?

    I wouldn't be so sure... RFK was polling much better with right leaning independents than left leaning independents after his podcast tour. Cornell West will suck a lot of left leaning independent votes from Biden but I would bet good money RFK pulls more right leaning votes.
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    Son's AZ Unit 10 Youth Elk Hunt

    Amazing. Love the pics and congrats on some of the best wilgame meat there is!
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    Found one in Appanoose county, right off the bank of the creek. A very solid, maybe 145" buck. He was hard horned but had been there a few weeks judging by decomp. CO came out and made a report. Praying for a hard frost...
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    You will likely need another year of buying a point before you actually apply, especially if you want zone 5. Zone 4 had a 50/50 shot of drawing with 4 points and an application. Zero 4 point applications drew in zone 5 this year and I heard of many 5 point applications not drawing either...
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    Honest concern with Youth Hunter bucks shot…

    I started joining in on deer hunting with my grandpa and uncle when I was 10, before that it was just small game and birds. I shot my first deer at 12 with them by my side. I think I started hunting by myself when I was 14. I don't have kids yet so I can't comment much on that, but I do cringe a...
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    MN passed crossbows & HOW IT GOT THROUGH!

    Thats what happened in Nebraska- guys who were typically gun only hunters saw their opportunity to hunt the entire season (Sept 1-Dec 31) with a crossbow and their guns in November. I personally know a guy who killed a 190 with a crossbow at 87 yards last season... that ain't archery.
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    Interesting camera pics!

    I'd love to get ahold of the asshat that did that. What a POS loser. Glad it just looks like a flesh wound.
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    Pictures "near" the stand.

    Phenomenal. My cell phone sunset pictures never do them justice but that's just incredible right there!
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    Mock scrape success.

    Personally, I don't think it's rocket science. Sometimes I'll hang a rope (hemp, amazon, fray the end a bit) but usually I just zip tie a branch or vine I find close by. Hip high. Work the soil. Wet the soil with water, your own personal blend, or scent you bought.
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    Hawk blinds

    We have two banks and I like them, but the window design could be improved. Unless ever little latch is secured (I think 6 per window?) you will get some water seeping in them after a rain. If you forget to latch any of them...you've got a problem.
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    Unifying Hunters on a wide front to fight the scum bags…..

    You are the man Skip. Please keep this site posted on anything we can be doing! Maybe a fundraiser perhaps?
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    Who do you prefer, DeSantis or Trump?

    Also agree with @Hardwood11 . This duopoly has to end. RFK Jr. is a very interesting guy.
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    Who do you prefer, DeSantis or Trump?

    Desantis has been a huge disappointment. Pence is too hung up on a federal abortion ban to win, even vs. Biden. People come out to vote on that. Vivek I'm not sold on. Haley would win a general election but won't win the primary. They (GOP candidates) are almost assuring a Trump V. Biden...
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    Dead cats

    No wild animals are as hard on song birds and pheasant/quail/turkey chicks as feral cats. They aren't just satisfied killing barn mice. Poisoning would be terrible but I know a guy who nabs as many as he can outside city limits.
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    Crazy difference in fawn siblings

    Could be the sex of the fawns, could also be because of different genetics! I remember reading somewhere that something like 40% of fawn twins did not share the same father. Pretty cool to see!
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    Was pondering this... states obligation to non residents

    ^that's spot on about being overrun if NRLO tags become a thing. Unfortunatley there's a lot more extreme wealth in Chicago, St. Louis, KC, Minneapolis, etc etc than even in Des Moines. Even residents with above average income in Iowa will be priced out overnight. We can't let that happen...
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