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    I like the planting of the Brassica's right into the rye thatch. I usually mow the rye or use a cultipacker to knock it down. Broadcast right into it.
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    Water troughs

    Do you put yours into the ground?
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    Water troughs

    Wondering who uses these for deer and how you do yours? I did 1 in the past that was rubber/plastic and it eventually leaked. I think it was from deer hooves putting cracks in the bottom. I'm thinking about getting a galvanized one. I usually put it in the ground with about 4-5" above ground...
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    When should you spray the 2,4d or how tall should the weeds be? 1st year switchgrass.
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    Turkey population…

    Bobcats and owls are the biggest killers of Tom's on the roost.
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    Switchgrass question

    Frost seeded switchgrass into last falls rye and brassica's plot. I was wondering about what to do about weed control. Should I spray gly on the short but green rye? Then when do you spray atrazine? I guess roughly what ground temperature or what temperature does the switchgrass start emerging.
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    If you're going on public ground it's definitely a different ballgame, but most bucks have not shed yet...fact. It's like hunting mushrooms in the spring, but you probably wouldn't get that either.
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    Bulk miscanthus

    I am looking to get some. Live in the Waterloo area.
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    You're wasting your time. But if you have nothing to do or want to walk allover go 4 it.
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    Iowa Waterfowling

    Great pictures!
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    Lawn fertilizer??

    I've used the 28-0-4 lawn fertilizer and it worked great.
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    Spraying turnips

    You guys getting any of the water hemp in your plots? Pain in the ***!
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    Planting Green

    Where do you get bags of urea like that?
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    Double tree

    Are double tree threads available anywhere? So much information there.
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    Enclosed Blinds???

    Can you get Lickcreek blinds anywhere? I couldn't find a website.
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    Helping deer over winter.....

    If you have fruit trees you can prune them now and deer would love it.
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    Protecting small trees from rubbing

    Done hundreds of trees. My advice is to make the cage bigger than you think you need it! I've done many cages and always have to end up making them bigger as they grow. So basically doing it more than once and more. I have one area where I have 75 pines and just did 1 huge continuous cage. I...
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    Too early for turnip and radish?

    What type/ where are you getting your urea?
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    2 4 d

    I use both round up and 24d in the tank.
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    My new 40

    I think I'd probably just sell it to someone like me. That way you wouldn't have to do all that work......
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