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  1. 10hunter

    UTV Spreader for Fertilizer

    I have a spin tech seeder 40 lb that I have used for over ten years. I have replaced motor once but have used ALOT. 10-20 acres of plots a year plus other things like fertilizer, waterways, lawn seed, or even native seedlings (with a carrier “like floordry or fertilizer”. I wire it to a toggle...
  2. 10hunter

    Daughter takes a big one with her 450

    Great for both of you! With three daughters who have hunted with me, I know what you are saying! Thanks for sharing.
  3. 10hunter

    Am I The Only One?

    I know I do. I even watch prior to time my seedings second half of July just prior to a rain! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  4. 10hunter

    Rye mix question

    Many times when you grow the same plant you have more diseases, insect problems, and can even have weed control issues. That is why in production ag, yields typically are better in a rotated(corn-bean) scenario. Since you aren't farming for top yields, and more of a sustainable food source...
  5. 10hunter

    Planting dates ??

    NE Iowa. Brassicas right after July 25, Winter rye Aug. 20, NO EARLIER but can go later if weather Giod advice and only would add from my experience in central iowa (hwy. 30). We have moved a few days or week earlier depending if rain in forecast(which appears important for a good stand)with...
  6. 10hunter

    Rye mix question

    I have used leftover testplot seed or treated beans to "get rid of them" for several years, instead of the peas in dbltree mix and as above stated is less cost and works great! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  7. 10hunter

    Treflan Herbicide - weed control for brassica

    Treflan should be incorporated into the soil within 24 hours. A good preemergent herbicide with fair grass control and good control of waterhemp/pigweed. If not able to incorporate take a look at prowl/pendimethilin(active so could get a generic for a lot less likely) label to see if able to...
  8. 10hunter

    Pollinator Plantings - CP42

    Broadcast asap...May still get some freeze and thaw with near term forecast. Would be best though if cultipacked alone or after light shallow till with a drill or disk but make sure not to get seeds over about 1/4" or Will do more harm than good! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  9. 10hunter

    Enclosed Blinds

    I have one of the Mavericks from Menards. Gets you out of the wind and better than sitting in the open when below zero, but not a favorite compared to many we have built ourselves of wood and made/purchased windows and/or the more expensive brands(redneck,etc). Plastic is noisy, moisture...
  10. 10hunter

    Farm for Sale? 60 to 120 Acres

    Please fill me in... Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  11. 10hunter


    So how are you feeding minerals to herd this time of year...I Haven't seen many deer frequenting our typical mineral/salt sights this time of year?? Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  12. 10hunter


    Interesting Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  13. 10hunter

    Muzzy Gun

    I have been shooting smokeless for years, since bought a Savage 10 ml-II probably 15 years ago. Now many of guys I hunt or hang with have followed and are shooting the same if that says anything . Great gun, good to 225-250 yards for me(no cloud of smoke, substantially less recoil than...
  14. 10hunter

    Hunter found dead ruled Homicide?!

    Prayers to you and all your family and friends dealing with this tragic loss. And hope that you are able to get some answers and justice.
  15. 10hunter

    Alright guys, Who's s with me, November 19th, and still grinding this season out

    Still out all weekend after rain stopped Saturday morning. Getting tired but now find myself working and trying to figure out when I am going next. Haven't ever shot one this late but going to keep trying until get it done!
  16. 10hunter

    Hunt report / Rut report

    E. central Iowa -- good day for me...sat sun up till 230 and didn't go 30 minutes without some activity all day. Had to leave for work, and hated to leave though was getting little windburnt. Seen 20 plus bucks, two mature, one 3.5 and rest baskets and yearlings. Best action I have seen yet.
  17. 10hunter


    Thanks for sharing your story and most of all congratulations!!!
  18. 10hunter

    Your worst mistake

    hurrying shot & over calling in general as many of you have stated BUT my biggest regret is rattling in a solid older heavy 8 I would have loved to had. He came in on a trot. I had him at under 20 yds, head down, behind tree, time to draw....clink clank . I had a grunt call that you strap...
  19. 10hunter


    Oats are fairly tolerant to a light frost from my memory. Thinking 15-20 for a few hours is what does kill them or even warmer could i believe if it is for a longer time frame.
  20. 10hunter

    Liquid Fertilizer for Brassica

    We use 20-25 gal.\acre of 32% uan on all of our brasssica plots with great results. Easier for us to handle and apply than the dry products, and I believe we get a better and more even application. This has proven itself with some very good turnip crops over the past several years. Either...
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