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    Pics to help u before and after shot.... vitals, anatomy, recovery

    I used to carry one target broad head in case I had to finish one off. After missing a chip shot on a nice buck last year I had a chance to reach behind me for another arrow from my pack. Guess which one I grabbed! 20 yd shot behind the shoulder 10 in. Of penetration. Never found a 150 class...
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    Hunt report / Rut report

    When you get to work at 5:30 a.m. and there are 2 bucks chasing a doe around the lawn it makes you kinda sick to your stomach. I may have to go home sick!!!!
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    Hunt report / Rut report

    Hey guys. Haven't posted In years. Oct 31 saw 8 bucks from when I walked in at 230 p.m. until dark. All cruising or flat out chasing. Can't ever remember having these temps this early and this much standing corn. Get in a tree!
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    Have you heard a buck roar??

    So is that what I heard? A super long grunt that increases in intensity is a buck roar? Or was this something else? 30 years hunting and still experienceing something new! Awesome!
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    Have you heard a buck roar??

    I took my son out the other day trying to shoot his first with a bow. We saw lots of action and prerut activity. There was a buck about 50 yds away and he started to grunt and was real interested in something on the other side of the fence that we couldn't see. He then started a continuos grunt...
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    My weekend project (haybale Blind)

    Love the blind! Can you imagine how you just messed someones mind up! "man it was so windy the other day I saw a 1200 lb round bale blowing around!" :eek::eek:
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    Starting To Fire Up

    11:30 p.m. tonight. Saw two nice bucks chasing a doe across the road in front of car on my way home. Gotta get in the stand in the A.M. !!
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    Starting To Fire Up

    Sunday last day of early muzzy season had a nice 140ish come through, hot on a doe like it was the first week in Nov. Oct. 23 started seeing yearlings kicked off by themselves. Get in a tree!
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    Youth tag ?

    Hey all, I have two kids with unfilled youth tags. The regs say they can fill their tag in one of the following shot gun or muzzy seasons with a licensed hunter. My question is does my small game and bow tag qualify me to take them out during gun season or do I have to have the coresponding tag...
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    smoke as cover scent?

    Luke I think I read that article to. That deer toucher guy, also stripped down to his skivies and rolled around in the mud right before he went out! I bet it works but I never had the guts to do it on public ground, I get enough looks with my guillie suit. works as a bug repelent to! Good...
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    3D Age Classes

    Usually 8 and below is the peewee division. 9-12 yrs old is the cub. Then there's a youth division after that but I can't remember it since were not there yet! Usually cubs and peewees shoot from the same stakes they just dont score against each other. Have a good time!! Lots of fun!!!!!
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    Dirty rotten no good thief!!!!

    Hey TP did you get any photos of the buck dropping that shed??
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    Taxidermy School

    I've been looking into taking a class or two also. It seems that just about every school out there offers a 5 or 6 day course for shoulder mounts. So it must be the norm. I haven't looked a Meder's yet. But have heard good things!
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    Youth muzzleloaders

    My kids have the 22. cal 20 gauge combo. They really like it even though that 20 gauge bites a little bit. It seems like a simple, well made gun. I was waiting to get the 45 barrel for it but there barrel program isn't up yet, they say. How much is the 45 by itself??
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    API Climber fix

    Mine wore out also. I used black washmachine hose. It was a little tight so I soaked it in boiling water for awhile, and pulled the chain through. It's on there for good now. And I don't see it wearing out any time soon. You would think API could of came up with something a little tougher...
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    This Weekend

    Little feather your from Iowa falls area? Why do you have to drive 2 1/2 hours to hunt?????????????? You have great hunting all around you. Sorry just curious??
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    A couple more bucks

    Nice pix wood! Are those plum trees he's feeding off of??
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    HIGH RACK !!!!

    I was trying to compare him to the buck in your other picture (still growing post). He looks way taller even body wise compared to him! They seem to be standing in almost the same place, and I was trying to judge them off of the tree there. It would be neat to see the pictures side by side...
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    Youth Bow Recommendations

    Critter I have a 6 and 8 yr old both shooting. My daughter has been shooting the micro midas for 2 1/2 years. I just gave that one to my son who is 6. Whisker Biscuit, release, peep and a good set of sights. (had some cheap plastic based ones, they started to move after some shooting) My...
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    I probably turned about 150 lbs of venison into jerky last year. High mountain does an excellent job! I like the adding of the cracked pepper that others have mentioned. Gives it a little zip. I also wanted to try some other kinds so I picked up some "Totally Wild" seasonings at the...
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