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  1. Bow_and_Arrow

    Opening hour bird

    Congratulations! It’s great when they cooperate. Awesome father/son memories.
  2. Bow_and_Arrow

    Day at the Capitol- CROSSBOWS- Action on writing in!!!! PASS THIS ON!!!!

    Thanks Skip for all of your efforts to preserve Iowa’s great hunting - both from a quality and access/opportunity perspective. Especially when you’ve worked so hard for the land that you have and don’t ‘have to’ on a personal level. I’ve written in also - thanks again.
  3. Bow_and_Arrow

    Long Youth Season ends in success for Charlie!!!

    Congratulations! Awesome memories.
  4. Bow_and_Arrow

    Really fun hunt and new milestone

    Congratulations! Awesome hunt and memories! We lost my Grandpa this year and even when he couldn’t hunt anymore, Dad and I would bring him out in the truck for recoveries. Enjoying God’s creation with family is priceless! Congrats too on the first deer on the new farm!
  5. Bow_and_Arrow

    Do’s & Dont’s of Permission farms….

    I agree with Skip’s and others’ notes above. Probably implied with his comments but never park in front of or block a driveway/gate. You never know when the farmer may want to access that area… Also, you may lose permission because family dynamics have changed or a relative moved to the area...
  6. Bow_and_Arrow

    Blessed with a lifetime memory

    Congratulations - awesome family experience and memory!
  7. Bow_and_Arrow

    Hudson's first two deer

    Congratulations! Awesome memories!!
  8. Bow_and_Arrow

    Land Lenders

    Farm Credit had the best rates when we bought our farm. The dividend they offer is also a nice little perk too.
  9. Bow_and_Arrow

    Bow Shootout - which one will come out on top?

    Thanks for sharing - fun to see. How did all three tune? All pretty similar?
  10. Bow_and_Arrow

    Hard spring

    Sorry to hear about the injuries but congrats on salvaging turkey season with some great memories. Good news on being ready to go for bow season.
  11. Bow_and_Arrow

    Turkey #2 - Tagged Out in Iowa

    Hope everyone had a great weekend. I was blessed with an extra fun hunt Sunday morning. Our middle two daughters wanted to go so I was really hoping for an action-packed hunt. We got in pretty early and I had bought them a donut as part of the fun of going with Dad. Unfortunately, I didn’t...
  12. Bow_and_Arrow

    Ryder’s First Bird

    Congratulations - awesome memories!
  13. Bow_and_Arrow

    I fell…..

    So sorry to hear this - prayers for a great recovery. Take care.
  14. Bow_and_Arrow

    Good Friday - Five Beards (35.5”)

    Thanks! I’ve taken our oldest two but they haven’t been the most interested (so far anyway). Our four year old seems the most likely at this point. She went turkey hunting with dad and me last spring and wants to go again this year, likes to shoot her little bow, etc. We should be able to...
  15. Bow_and_Arrow

    Good Friday - Five Beards (35.5”)

    Hi everyone - I was blessed with an extra fun hunt Friday morning when this guy came into six yards. I had some toms gobbling on and off the roost - and I thought a couple of times they were coming. At one point they worked away and so I gobbled back at them a few times and it turned them...
  16. Bow_and_Arrow

    New Turkey hunter- what to get?

    I love to turkey hunt - started with the gun but use the bow for me and call for friends and family who gun hunt. I had old terrible looking Delta decoys from college but upgraded to a Dave Smith jake with an old hen and it’s made it noticeably easier to get them in close. I’ve had countless...
  17. Bow_and_Arrow

    SSB 3134 Restricts how much the DNR and County Conservation Boards can spend to acquire land

    Unreal…where do they come up with these things? I’m sure the market will align with such a bill and private buyers will also…
  18. Bow_and_Arrow

    HSB 610 Nonresident Landowner Tags

    I received the same canned response. Here’s how I responded…. Respectfully, I disagree with the assessment that this will help residents and Iowa wildlife management. It will however continue to shift land ownership and access away from Iowa residents. At the end of the day, 10 years is a drop...
  19. Bow_and_Arrow

    HSB 610 Nonresident Landowner Tags

    Hi everyone - here is what I sent in - I’m sure there are gaps or other things I should have said - but thought it may help to get others thinking and take the time to write in. It doesn’t really take that long. Representative Baxter: Good evening. I would ask that you reject HSB 610 that...
  20. Bow_and_Arrow

    Good times

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