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    Preparing for a timber harvest

    I don't think there is a good tree per acre number to give and if there was it would be really hard without seeing the timber in person and walking it. I would advise to get a forester out there to walk it with you while you mark it. But the best advice I could give would be to remember that 40...
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    Burning single and pockets of live evergreens

    Would it be possible to cut below the lowest limb, let them lay then come back in two years and run a fire through?
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    Habitat thoughts?

    Totally agreeing with @Sligh1. Sunlight needs to hit the soils! You can achieve this and make loads of cover all while adding food when deer need it the most by dropping less desirable trees and releasing any mast producers or good hardwoods. Tree ID is easy in today's world; they have apps that...
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    Helping out the deer.

    Time to fire up a chainsaw and get some food down to their level! Two birds one stone in that kind of weather!
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    Hunting blinds?

    @bwese do you have any pictures of you mav windows?
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    Improving Website??? - Ideas, input, suggestions.....

    What about a property tour thread? Let the people see some of these farms and all the hard work we put in! I've seen on other forums post along as they do projects and its cool to see them develop their farms along the years
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    Timber stand bedding

    Exactly as @Sligh1 said it almost every timber stand is overcrowded getting rid of the poor formed trees is an awesome place to start to find a good mix in timber resale and also habitat since it will allow sun to the floor. I can't wait to get going on my next timber stand improvement project...
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    Timber stand bedding

    @Mrc I agree for some situations. But my land is way over populated with trees which translates to a closed canopy forest which allows no sunlight to the floor and no native browse or cover. And at the end of the day if it doesn't make palatable mast, provide native browse, provide thermal...
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    Timber stand bedding

    Yeah those things would definitely get cut and sprayed at my place the real estate under that canopy is worth more than that tree in my eyes. But like skip I am on the kill em all side of the fence
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    Timber stand bedding

    After this TSI I have had native persimmons popping up everywhere! But the next twelve acres are already marked out. This stand is a little different from the last. Lots of junk in this one but also a lot of white oak so those will take the top priority. I mostly have red oak but whites are...
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    How many trail cams?

    I run 2 cells and 5 regulars on my 60. But I run the regular cameras trying to really pick up on deer movement throughout the property. I set them around august in different spots each year and wont check them till end of season or close to. Trying to get intel to use for the next year. I run...
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    Strange.... very large % of bucks still in velvet

    Every deer I have on camera in SWMO is hard horned already. Seemed like it all happened in a day around here
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    Timber stand bedding

    @Sligh1 I was hoping you would respond. In my particular stand I have way to many oaks per acre. So quite a bit of thinning was also on mast trees. And yes I am constantly trying to get better on my tree ID. Last year I made the mistake of cutting 2 native persimmons that were about 20 ft tall...
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    Timber stand bedding

    @Bassattackr Thanks for the response! When I did the first initial TSI the only trees that would get hinged were inferior oaks and I didn't do it much as I am not a huge fan of hinge cutting. Any junk trees got cut down and treated. I just want to try and make some of the areas that I know have...
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    Timber stand bedding

    Hey guys I am new to the forum and wanted to get some input from you on creating bedding in the timber. To give you some backstory I am from SWMO and I own 60 acres of nothing but hardwood timber every acre of my place is immature oaks (very small crowns) that are way to densely populated along...
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