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    Hunting for a specific buck??

    I've done this, but with only owning 30 acres and being at the mercy of the neighbors it hasn't worked out well. A few years ago I played cat/mouse with a drop tine buck for 2 bow seasons only to see him get shot during 1st shotgun season. The guy that harvested him is a good guy so it wasn't...
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    Unsure why....

    The biggest problem is this is not the common attitude. I grew up on a farm and understand the importance of keeping your animals in check. Especially if you own pasture along a busy highway. As more and more "city folk" that have no rural experience move out of urban areas into the country...
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    Most coyotes I’ve ever seen- folks noticing this????

    Yotes are getting $20 easily. They’ve been the only good market the last couple years. I trap and know quite a few trappers, and many of them have left the coon sets in the shed the last couple years and focused on yotes because that’s where the money was. If you swing over to Iowatrappertalk...
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    Rec Land Companies

    I couldn't agree more and I've felt this way for a long time. Rec land price trends have been outrageous. I firmly believe that antler obsession will push deer hunting to a rich man's sport eventually.
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    Alright guys, Who's s with me, November 19th, and still grinding this season out

    The week of Thanksgiving has usually been a good time to hunt for me. I'm planning on being in the woods as much as possible from this Wednesday afternoon to Sunday.
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    Improving Website??? - Ideas, input, suggestions.....

    I agree, but it will be very tough to get the old band back together to make things like they were 10-12 years ago. Back then I was very active on this site and others under an old username, and forums were crazy busy. A thread you posted on before you went to bed would be buried on the second...
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    Improving Website??? - Ideas, input, suggestions.....

    Be careful with that, only allowing a certain "elite" will do the opposite of what you are looking for. That turns this place from a forum to a blog, where only a select few are listened to or allowed to post. I get what you are saying, it's just a fine line to tip-toe when you are trying to...
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    That will be perfect for deer drives!!!
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    Your worst mistake

    Not being able to stay still. More than once I've been busted by a nice buck because after about two hours I get real fidgety. That was in the pre-smart phone days. Now with a smart phone my short attention span can stay occupied for hours.
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    Luckily I've only had cards stolen, not the cameras. I'm 99% sure my card thieves are guys running dogs that are on property they shouldn't be. Have you asked the neighbors to see if they are having issues or might have a clue who it is? I mentioned to a landowner that my card was stolen...
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    Farm questions

    Living where I hunt is great. Between work and family my free time is limited, being able to get to my furthest stand in a 15 minute walk is great. If money were no object, I'd have one 300-500 acre farm here in NE Iowa that I lived on, and 100-ish acres in Missouri with a cabin just for a...
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    DNR Layoffs

    Resident vs. NR argument aside and back to the real issue at hand, the simple fact is we need to increase revenue. The easiest, quickest, simplest way to do that would be an over-all percentage increase on ALL licenses/tags, bump LO tags to $10, charge a registration fee on bicycles like we...
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    Is anyone putting in any water holes this year? How are you going to go about it?

    I believe the pool idea is to catch runoff. If you have a spring, you can tap that with a pipe and let it dump into a livestock tank. I have one of these setups and it works very well. It took about 2 years for the deer to really get used to it. I have all kinds of critters stopping by for...
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    Is anyone putting in any water holes this year? How are you going to go about it?

    For simplicity I would say option #1. I'm thinking of going this route in a couple spots on my property.
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    Rifles for Iowas gun seasons

    I think you are spot on with this. You also have to factor in that many of the party gun hunters never step foot in the woods other than the few days they spend hunting with their group. It makes it frustrating for those of us that are trying to manage property with plots, improved bedding...
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    Rifles for Iowas gun seasons

    So, eliminating seasons, limiting weapons, and lowering the overall number of hunters is the solution to land access? I'm kidding, I get what you are saying. This current bill aside, I agree that we have been teetering on the brink of needing a complete reset regarding deer hunting. That...
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    Rifles for Iowas gun seasons

    People will be buying land so they can control it regardless of any regulation changes, and even if you are right, it will be a very small if not unnoticeable uptick in land purchases that will directly correlate to this. The increase in the upcoming years will be due more to land prices...
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    Rifles for Iowas gun seasons

    It's area specific, and I agree, those areas are out there where owners that want the deer killed border land that is being managed. I'm sure it makes for some interesting conversations. :) And keep in mind, my comment said "farmers I know". Everyone is jumping to generalize that into...
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    Rifles for Iowas gun seasons

    This is giving me a headache. You are either a good troll, or not very intelligent. Either way, you have no reading comprehension. There is a difference between wanting all the deer shot, and letting any Joe Blow on their property to hunt. I'm done with this for today. Have a great weekend.
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    Rifles for Iowas gun seasons

    Let me clarify, the napalm comment was meant in jest (I thought that would be obvious). 99% of the farmers I know (I grew up on a farm and am still very active in the ag community) want as many deer shot off their land as possible. No joke, no exaggeration. I'm am very certain they would...
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