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    Antler measurement requirement.

    Possibly an old discussion and yes I did do a brief search. If it’s an old topic point me to the correct thread. What’s everyone’s thoughts on the new antler measurement requirements on Iowa tags? I/E antler size to age of deer relationship is the desired window to see through. I’m not sold on...
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    CWD thoughts……

    Let nature take its course. We humanoids can’t control as much as we’d like to think we can.
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    Late Rifle Season and AR Hunters

    When thinking of herd management and the practices there of by chance does anyone ever think about the ultra high value put on trophy bucks and what that creates in regards to access. One could argue access has reduced dramatically statewide with the advent of trophy buck hunting from the sale...
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    Best Locker for sumner sausage

    Good morning, With Kramer’s in LaPorte City closing it’s doors does anyone know of a locker that has a similar product as Kramer’s peppered jerky?
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    $30,000 an acre farm land.

    NW Iowa fellas is cattle and confinement country. Think beyond crop farming. Gotta go somewhere with all the manure. Can’t expand animal production without a place to spread the liquid gold. And of course to build more building sites on.
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    Pickup hoist

    That’s what I do with my cart. Tired of that trick also… No hoist users out here?
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    Pickup hoist

    I’m getting tired of wrestling deer into the back of my pickup with no help. What’s the go-to hoist for a pickup receiver? I want a good one, no cheap junk brands. I’m not into making my own either. No, a cell phone to call for help is not what I’m looking for either. Everyone is always busy it...
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    Where are all the WORKERS?

    All good reply’s. I’ve started my own business and as an owner/operator I can’t find enough hours in the day to complete all the work. To think I was worried about the phone ringing enough. Who knows if that workload plays out long term but I’m sure happy it has so far. That being said I think...
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    Couple of GOOD bills- not necessarily hunting related.

    Almost everything is cyclical, it’ll come back around for public sector employees. For several years, 10 or better, I’ve had countless conversations regarding the pay and benefits of the public sector versus the private sector. The general theme has been the public has had an edge on the...
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    Nice rack!

    Thank you! I’m thinking about going with the Skull Hooker system. Mind you these racks aren’t trophy size but dang a lot of time, effort, tough lessons and excitement went into them. https://www.skullhooker.com/product-category/small-medium-game/
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    Nice rack!

    Management finally gave the green light to display the racks I’ve had stored in the crawl space for numerous years. They’re dusty and need to be cleaned and something to make them pop in appearance a little. Any recommendations out there?
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    Iowa Deer Classic 2021

    Don’t seem to see as many deer harvests on here also. Same reasoning as the Classic? Maybe, but I don’t see as many deer harvests passed around from guys at work from friends, relatives and so on. Seems to me the quantity of big deer harvested has decreased. No way of quantifying it, just a hunch.
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    State auction

    That’s right I’d listened to his show also that day and dang if could remember where and who....
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    State auction

    If you receive the IA DNR emails they sent out an email a couple weeks back about the confiscation auction and that it was being held in Omaha and operated by a Nebraska auctioneer. Seemed odd to me so I shot a text off to the listed phone number to inquire as to why. Response was very quick and...
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    Iowa Deer Classic 2021

    My take on the Classic this year, big wheeled trucks parked in the grass with Busch Latte cans on the ground... LOL, I was there for State Basketball.
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    Bowmar at it again....

    I wouldn’t sweat it. Annoying? Yes, but don’t let it question your integrity and feel the need to rationalize the past to the rest of us. It’s his loss, he spoiled an opportunity long term to have dialogue and get away from everyday life talking shop about deer hunting.
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    Super short ax to ax bows

    I’ve gotten hooked on The Hunting Public show, no subscription to a channel or package needed. Anyway, the hunters like to ground hunt or tree hunt with a saddle. I’m kinda intrigued by the saddle and wonder what a super short bow would add to the set up. So does anyone manufacture a super short...
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    Safety harness?

    Ya, I’m not sure I’d like the Spider either from what I see.
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    Safety harness?

    I’m in need of a new safety harness. I prefer one that’s easy on and off, not bulky and has binocular holding capabilities. What’s everyone’s go to?
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    Rut report 2020

    Spent my usual last week of October in NE Iowa, most brutal I’ve ever experienced. Very little movement period, in total six deer were observed. Not kidding, shut it down today and attended one sons basketball tourney and trick or treat with the other. Public ground, unsure if lack of numbers is...
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