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    Best Days - Second Half November?

    I think you are spot on. Going back through my old cam photos, which I love to do, I see exactly the same activity. Good movement up until thanksgiving and then it starts the downward descent. Nice blip in December for another quick breeding cycle to catch the last bit of does and once in a...
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    Hunter Internet comments that drive me INSANE!!!!

    "The deer are eating all of my crops, my crops my deer" Dumbest comments of all originate with this crowd.
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    The Good Ole Days

    Agree. IMO, several future monarchs are wacked with a rifle or by a tv or social media people at 160". Iowa is not what it once was but I suppose we could say that about most things. The folks with a true love for the process are in a minority and it feels more like a competition for...
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    What is MDC?
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    Yes, our area got hit hard. We have found 2 does on our place and hearing of at least another half dozen in a mile radius. SE Mahaska and northern Monroe.
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    Honest concern with Youth Hunter bucks shot…

    This right here is what it's all about. As much as we complain about party hunting, this probably raises more hunters than any other form of hunting...
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    Fall harvest

    We were on for a drone in early September then he backed out at the last minute and really shafted us.
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    Fall harvest

    Do you drill in your Rye after harvest?
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    Late food plot plans?

    What's everyone doing who has a total food loss this year? We are having a drone seed about 11 acres with brassica/winter wheat into standing ag beans this week. We are building a house so really didn't get anything else done this summer and the beans/corn I planted this spring are pretty much...
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    Hunter harassment??? Stories??

    I used to let a group of neighbors shotgun group hunt our farm to "keep the peace" until I got serious about habitat management. I told them my place was closed to group hunting but they could take the kids and sit in a blind but they had to stay out of the center. They respect it and don't...
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    Brain damaging land Prices

    Ours was $1700
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    Brain damaging land Prices

    Just went through a mess with the passing of my brother in law at 49. Made our decision to set up a revocable trust look smart.
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    Beating the dead horse of Michigan…

    I hope this is not his is Iowa's hold my beer moment but appointing a fool as the chair of the Natural Resources and Environment is a scary situation. He is worshipped by many of his constituents so he will be there as long as he wants. So much damage can be done in a short time.
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    Game feed or habitat meetings once a month

    Excellent idea. I know I would be game and a couple others I know would as well. A "best practice" sharing deal would be great. Most of us like looking at new trees and surroundings.
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    Des Moines metro v Iowa City metro

    That said, IC is trying so hard to fall in line with the insanity.
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    1 Buck state In iowa??

    Yes! While we're at it, do away with the $2 LOT and make it a paid anysex good for any season on your property, same with turkey. OPen it up to all landowners, not just in-state owners...But lets make it only 1 buck tag, regardless of LOT or paid. Anyone who sells a tag or violates, should...
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    Hounds Iowa Regs

    Just so we are clear, you're saying 90% of houndsmen conspire to run dogs into non-permission land?
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    Racoon Management changes for iowa???

    And of course the "humane society" has to sound off. We can blame them and their type for the increase. They killed the fur trade.
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    Mature Buck Numbers Down

    To add to your social media discussion Skip, I think everyone has figured out the formula for their own hunting show. Editing is no longer the black magic it used to be with modern tech and YouTube offers an easy format to show off the product. Use social media to promote and now some folks...
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    Starting to think cell cams….

    Well stated and agree 100%!
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