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    Fawn pics…

    I haven't seen squat for fawns so far. We go out 2-3 times a week looking for deer. Tons of does, like see 60 with 1 fawn sighting. Few nice bucks seen. A couple fawns so small, that had to be born recently.
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    Land prices / insane!!!

    I know someone that just bought 30 acres for $50,000. Wish I could find those deals.
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    QUIET KAT BIKE REVIEW- horribly disappointed!!!

    In the price range of the $1299-$1999, what is the best reliable bike for the average hunter?
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    NEW B&C rankings…. By state..

    Why advertise, just results in more pressure. I know of several not entered and never will be.
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    Late Rifle Season and AR Hunters

    Thanks for the reply. I find it just as bad, the number of bucks shot that never get recovered or even left for the next day, knowing the meat is wasted and only keeping the rack. I started following the Blood trackers page on Facebook for deer and couldn't believe the amount of dogs needed...
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    Late Rifle Season and AR Hunters

    How many shed bucks got shot rifle season ?
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    Late Rifle Season and AR Hunters

    An easy solution anyone can do is buy the remaining tags if you don't like it.
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    Best Locker for sumner sausage

    I have never tried Kramer's, but the best I have found is Mark's Locker in Rowley. Get the pepper jerky and I'm fussy on good jerky.
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    Shedding right on cue…

    I might be worried that coyote would take it as a play or chew toy. Be fun sometime to snare cable and crimp ferrules on in between the brow and G-1 and a disposable trapping stake to anchor. Place in a spot visible from the road and hide a cell cam up high.
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    HF 2069 cost of registering canoes and kayaks

    Charge a percentage onto to sales tax so everyone pays for the trails not just the working man!!!!!!!
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    HF 2069 cost of registering canoes and kayaks

    How about charging bikers and walkers to use all these stupid bike trails they build and never pay a dime for.
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    SURVIVORS!!! Love seeing this….

    Last day of season, son and I were driving around and seen a nice 11 pointer near our hunting ground. But 4 miles away saw a stud 12 point typical, had everything, mass, 22"+ spread. Easily a booner.
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    Shotgun hunting/ hunter harassment question.

    Go get some cheap orange vests and wrap around a tree inside your property. Visible to look like a hunter but can't see easy. Make it look like a group hunting it. Put some up like tree stand height. Next, I would have someone in a pickup drive by and park by their vehicles and get out a window...
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    Looking for Accutip slugs

    A few months back Cabelas in PDC wis had a ton of them. Had a guy wanting some but never got back to me while i was there. They come into stock perodically.
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    Pine Creek and Coon Creek Wildlife management area

    Yes squirrel hunters from Minnesota driving Toyota's and speak very little to no english and a lot of them. I think last year or one before was a death at coon creek.
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    Anyone seeing fewer turkeys?

    When is the last time you saw a hen with poults during the summer? Use to all the time, last 5-10 years, nothing.
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    Looking to build a portable wagon blind.

    Do you insulate them? Would like to use after season moonlit night coyote hunting.
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    Looking to build a portable wagon blind.

    I have a barge box wagon to try and another one is just a running gear. Just want everyone's what they would do different.
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    Looking to build a portable wagon blind.

    Is that really top heavy when moving?
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    Looking to build a portable wagon blind.

    Anybody build one snd be willing to share pictures of their builds?
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