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    Nice surprise

    He's probably better than 170's
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    Do I wait one more year???

    I'd kill him
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    My Once in a Lifetime Buck Named Patches

    Unbelievable buck!! Congrats!
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    11-1 buck

    Thanks guys!
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    11-1 buck

    Appreciate it guys!
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    11-1 buck

    Thanks guys!
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    11-1 buck

    Shot this guy on the morning of November 1st. He was out searching by himself.
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    2nd place buck at the classic poached

    No worries I was pretty vague in my op. Story I heard was pretty dang rock solid, was surprised it wasn't all over this site already.
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    2nd place buck at the classic poached

    Wow! Sorry to hear it was taken from your land! Your story lines up with what I heard that he shot it on his job site.
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    2nd place buck at the classic poached

    Not jealous at all, don't even know the guy. I was just wondering if anyone else had heard about it. It will come out eventually. I apologize if I jumped the gun, mods feel free to delete.
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    2nd place buck at the classic poached

    No, but I heard from someone that knows the guy that shot it. They must have prove on him because I heard he was losing his hunting rights.
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    2nd place buck at the classic poached

    Heard that the buck that finished 2nd for non typical archery was actually shot with a rifle. Somebody from the classic recognized it from years of pics. Sounds like he is getting the book thrown at him.
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    Mainframe 12 down

    Heck of a buck
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    After 3 years the DT buck is down!

    Awesome buck man, that has to feel good!
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    Big One!

    Yup definitely very close to where I'm hunting. Congrats to Kyle
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    Big One!

    I hunt the area, wonder if he was ever on the farm we are hunting.
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    Chief: The Halloween Giant

    Friggin awesome buck!!
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    BBD in Southeast Iowa

    You have some great genetics on your ground! Congrats!
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    Numero Uno.....hard horned

    That would work
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    Probably a Free Pass?

    I agree with this
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