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    Another youth tag filled

    great buck! That side view makes him look sooo tall
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    Finally got it done on Dec 3rd!!

    thats a big 150! Congrats man
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    Lauren's first bow buck

    Thats a trophy for sure.. congrats! oh & the deer isn't too bad either ;)
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    170"+ buck-looking for local taxidermist

    not disagreeing with ya here but a euro mount will last wayyyy longer just sayin
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    The Toad - story and pics added

    All i can say is wow... I'd say the name fits! Congrats on a dandy
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    One Eyed Willy

    Haha i love the name. The Goonies is still one of my favorite movies to this day. Anyways, congrats on a heckuva buck! Fingers crossed the other buck slips up for your son or makes it another year!!
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    Late season tactics

    ^^agree with bigbuckhunter88... grunted in a shooter 2 days before thanksgiving last year
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    Hunting in 20mph winds?

    yesssssssssss :D
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    Public Land 8

    Never seen a broadhead recovered from a bad hit like that, thats pretty neat. Congrats on a fine public land buck
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    A True Friend

    Man that is an absolute beauty. Funny how it always happens when you least expect it... Awesome story & congrats on a dandy!!
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    4 Good Ones..

    Last one looks a tad bigger than 155... nevertheless, all are dandies. Congrats!
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    Low Beams Down!

    Awesome story & absolute stud of a deer! Congrats
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    Tagged out!

    that video is awesome! looked like a lot of fun, congrats !
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    need help

    I'm with everyone else... Take your dog on a long walk.... Go pheasant hunting with a good sniffer.... you get the point
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    How big??

    upper 150's.. but regardless of score he's a dandy!!
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    need help

    Might be a silly question but considered a tracking dog of some sort? A buddy of mine brought his (untrained) bloodhound pup to a bloodtrail i thought surely had ended. Sure enough, 500yrds from last blood and in a completely different area than expected, the pup looked down & licked a leaf that...
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    Acorns or Food Plots

    Blackdog1960 hit the nail on the head. Couldn't have said it better myself. What zone did you guys draw if you dont mind me asking? Good luck, have fun, & let everyone know how it works out!
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    How old is he

    4 1/2.
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    Always heard fenix lights were really good but pricey. I stick to the nightstick or streamlight. My nightstick headlamp has a very wide angle (&surprisingly dim) red and white, and one hell of a main beam. I stick to the red wide angle if I absolutely need a light.
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    Do I wait one more year???

    Agree with what Whitetails1 said.... Hunt hard & enjoy every minute of it. Good luck!
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