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    OnXmaps App Vs OnXmaps Chip for GPS

    I used both this last year on an elk hunt in Colorado. If you have the means to keep a tablet or phone charged during your hunt I would have preferred the App. better graphics being the main reason. With the app the satellite imagery is a helpful tool, you wont get that on a gps. I downloaded...
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    Scopes for Bushmaster 450

    I put a Vortex Crossfire II 1-4x24 on my American and have had excellent luck with it out to 200 yds. As long as your is compensated you shouldn't have any issues with it breaking the scope, the first generations were built without the compensated barrels and were prone to the scope breaks due...
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    Leupold BX-2 Tioga HD 10x42mm

    I have a NIB set of Leupold binos for sale. $250 shipped or meet up around Cedar Rapids area. Shoot me a pm if you would like some pictures. Wanting to get a spotting scope and got these directly from Leupold on a warranty replacement after I had already purchased another new pair. BPS has them...
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    Walk in cooler components

    I have the door, compressor, and cooling components. Pics on Craig's List https://cedarrapids.craigslist.org/spo/d/walk-in-coolercomponents/6333878055.html
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    Walk in cooler components

    I am looking to sell a complete set up for a walk in cooler. All you will need is to frame your desired size, and install the components. $600obo located in rural Linn Co. 319-560-5294 I can deliver a reasonable distance if needed.
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    Hen of the Woods

    I like to saute them in butter and garlic. Or throw them in with a shipwreck or scrambled eggs for breakfast.
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    Erosion matting for a blind build

    It looks like Amazon of all places has some good options. May be going that route. Anyone have any experience with the different options they offer with single vs double sided netting that it's wove into?
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    Erosion matting for a blind build

    Looking to purchase some erosion matting around the CR area and have struck out at Menards and Theisens. Anyone know of where I can pick a roll or two up at? Thanks
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    Thing 2 on the licking vines

    What a stud! Did you hang the vines I take it? If so did u just use grape vines?
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    2016 Bow buck down already

    Nice one!
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    Lone Wolf Sit and Climb

    I have a Lone Wolf sit and climb for sale. $300 OBO good shape looking to get an AlphaII and 4 sticks if anyone is interested that would be my only trade plus cash on my end. CR area 3195605294 Pics- http://cedarrapids.craigslist.org/spo/5822204696.html Thanks
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