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    RC Big Rock Switchgrass

    How many lbs./acre seed rate do you recommend when establishing a stand?
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    What did you spray on the clover to terminate?
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    Caught Some River Flathead Catfish!

    Here is a 57 lb. from a few weeks ago.
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    SE Iowa HELP!

    I do not.
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    SE Iowa HELP!

    I drive past F6 everyday on my way to work. I am not coming to the Des Moines area but if I can help in anyway let me know.
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    WTB - TC Encore ML

    Does anyone have a Thompson Center Encore muzzleloader sitting around that they would part with? Looking to pick one up for a smokeless build. Thanks in Advance.
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    Controlled Timber Burns

    This particular farm has about 50 acres of timber that I had lightly logged 3 years ago. Cut about 90 white oaks out of it and 10 really nice walnuts. I figured that this would help open up the canopy and promote undergrowth. However, many areas still have the park feel being really wide open...
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    Controlled Timber Burns

    How many of you guys do controlled burns in your timber? How frequently? Before or after TSI work is completed? Do you do specific areas and why?
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    Drones for deer recovery??

    I have contacted the Iowa DNR regarding this and was told that it was not legal.
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    Antler Rebuild

    Wow that is unbelievable work. Do you remember what the cost was to do this?
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    Antler Rebuild

    Has anyone ever had tines put back on deer they have harvested? I’ve got mixed feelings on this but harvested a buck that was broke up and contemplating doing this do to hundreds of trail cam pics and videos of the deer I knew very well. Are there individuals locally that specialize in...
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    Wanted: 870 12 gauge rifled cantilever barrel

    I have one for an 11-87. Not sure if it is interchangeable with the 870 or not?
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    Wyoming Elk

    I am currently sitting on 4 WY Elk Preference Points and looking for some recommendations from guys that have been to WY elk hunting. No elk hunting experience. Do you spend the money and go on a guided hunt or do you try it yourself with a bow on public ground? I keep going back and forth...
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