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    Heaviest deer you've ever killed?

    Can't rightly say, but I do know they get exponentially bigger the farther I am from my truck though...I'd guess that last doe was over 300lbs
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    Iowa Outdoor Guide Busted

    Andy Wulf who ran Whitetail Ridge Outfitters was arrested for scamming clients from all over the country. The story is in the DM Register. I'd post a link but 1) I'm on my phone and it's trickier than the laptop and 2) I've apparently used all my free articles with them and can't view it...
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    Guys It's time to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

    I hope you guys didn't feel like this when President Obama was elected! LOL!! Anyway, I know there was plenty of support for him once he won the election (twice). A lot of you guys set a good example of showing respect for the office and it's one I think I'll follow in regards to Trump...
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    White hots powder

    PM sent...
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    basement project

    Looks like I found my new basement decor!! That looks great!
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    website issues

    Relax everybody, the US Government is using a new data filter to spy on you and they haven't worked out all the bugs yet. It's got something to do with turning the cameras on and off when you're actually online. Apparently people were complaining of short battery life on their on phones so the...
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    Wolf shot in Van Buren county

    Laugh out loud!
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    The "Offical" Cubs post season thread

    Kissing a fishbonker maybe? Juuuust kiddin...Saw the opening and couldn't resist. :)
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    NDA crossbow article, draw your own conclusions

    My unsolicited opinion is that all the arguments against the use of crossbows were probably used against the modern compound by "real" archers who used trad gear. Look how compounds have ruined the deer herd and the sport of bow hunting in Iowa.
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    New Slug-gun

    X3 for savage 220.
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    State Forest Nursery

    I got this email from the State Forester this morning. For those who don't know, the State Forest Nursery is in jeopardy of being closed for financial reasons. This meeting is about efforts to keep it open. If there are those of you land owners or property managers that have not taken...
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    Be carefull Bonker

    I can appreciate the points you've made but what she did benefits outdoorsman. She was proud of it and she doesn't need to be shamed for it. We don't need to be timid about it either. Part if the reason people get upset by things like this is because they've been given incorrect information or...
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    Be carefull Bonker

    Foolish why? 'Cause some freakin' lovers got upset? Screw those people. There are real issues that need protested. Stop wasting time on animals rights.
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    Nebraska bound!

    If you don't find any in Nebraska, turn north! I understand there is some good public ground in South Dakota...
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    Military... considering retiring in IA

    HEY...this's 'Merica...we eat Freedom Fries and cheer for NASCAR. We don't speak no French here. Capish mona me?
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    Got time for a quick call?

    http://iowafc.org/action/?vvsrc=%2fPetitions%2f510%2fRespond This link is to a petition to support SF 425. It's the bill that would let kids under 14 shoot pistols with adult supervision as well legalize suppressors. If/after you sign the petition, it will bring up a page with a phone number...
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    Nib ar-15

    Done deal. Thanks for looking though
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    AR-15 For Sale

    Done. Thanks for looking
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    Nib ar-15

    This is a new in box Huldra Arms AR-15. Comes with a new in box AIM Sports Recon 4X Scope with Illuminated Reticle. Also comes with a tactical case and 6 brand new 30 round mags. Specs: Caliber: 5.56x45 Chamber: 5.56 NATO Barrel Length: 14.5" - Permanently Affixed Flash Hider Barrel...
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    AR-15 For Sale

    This is a new in box Huldra Arms AR-15. Comes with a new in box AIM Sports Recon 4X Scope with Illuminated Reticle. Also comes with a tactical case and 6 brand new 30 round mags. Specs: <TABLE cellSpacing=2 cellPadding=2 width="100%" border=0> <TBODY> <TR> <TD width="30%">Caliber:</TD>...
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