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    More meat in the freezer!

    Way to go, we need to let the does live up here for a few years.
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    If u were the "Deer Dictator" on Laws- what would u do?

    1. Poachers fine $1000, 3 years loss of hunting and fishing rights. Poached deer over 150"s $5000.00 and 5 years loss of hunting and fishing rights. 2. Trespassing, $500.00 Fine, loss of hunting and fishing rights for one year. 3. Eliminate party hunting completely. Group hunting fine, but...
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    Checking cams is like...

    Looks like bean time. Nice Pic. Hope that 5 moves a few miles:rolleyes:
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    Bucks are still around

    Good pictures KG, I was off the sight for about a year due a computer screw up. Stop in sometime.
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    Yes, Squirrelboy what a funny prank. Land owner gets mad about idiots on his land, calls outfitters leases land out to them, no more locals allowed on land owners ground. Then locals can get on this sight and bitch about land owners and outfitters.
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    Demand for Mid-West Land

    Looks like resident Iowa Sportsman should buy hunting gear from companies not associated with Mossy Oak. Maybe they wouldn't care, but it might get noticed.
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