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    Knight Original Disc .50 cal

    Pm sent, let me know where you want to meet. I'm in central Iowa around Ames but can meet in Des Moines area too.
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    Knight Disc .50 cal for sale

    I have a Knight Disc rifle for sale. It is .50 cal with a black synthetic stock and blued barrel. I purchased it as my first muzzleloader but shortly after I bought a .45 cal Knight Disc Extreme in stainless that I've used ever since. I would doubt that it has been shot more than 20 shots as I...
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    Lookin for muzzleloader

    I've got a Knight Disc for sale. It's a .50 caliber and uses the red plastic jackets to seal the primers. I've got three Knight muzzleloaders and want to get rid of one. I'd take $150 for it. Let me know if are interested.
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    Minibike For Sale

    How much for the bike in the back of the first picture? ;)
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    Need to rent a tractor near Bonaparte Ia.

    Just drove by Bloomfield Rental and they have a three point tiller. They are by the high school in the old Ford dealership building. They also had a brush mower.
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    Bumper Burr oak crop

    I have a bur oak tree that I planted about four years ago when it was a sapling, and I was surprised that it had some acorns on it this year. I always thought it was supposed to take 20-30 years before they start getting acorns, but that might just be for red and white oaks. I've got the bur oak...
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    Barnes MZ Expander

    I've used Hornady SST's in my .45 cal Knight and the last 4 deer I've shot have dropped in their tracks. They also pattern very well. I haven't tried the Barnes bullets in my .45, but I don't plan on switching anytime soon either.
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    Knight Original Disc .50 cal

    Still for sale. I would take $150 cash.
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    Knight Original Disc .50 cal

    Uploaded pictures I was able to take a few pictures of the muzzleloader. Let me know if you are interested in it. This gun is in great shape and has only had about 15 shots through it. I used this gun for one year and have since been using a Knight Disc Extreme in .45 cal. This gun is...
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    Knight Original Disc .50 cal

    I have a Knight Original Disc rifle that I would like to sell. It is in .50 cal with a black stock and blued barrel. I converted it to use the red plastic jackets, but I also have the bolt and breech plug that came with it for their original orange discs. It has fiber optic open sights and no...
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    What kind of car was she driving?
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    Well...I learned that lesson!!

    I prefer ladder stands also. I've been putting a chunk of plywood on the ground where the ladder sits and haven't had trouble with any sinking.
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    Mandatory Ice Depth Regulations?

    Another problem the state could run into would be if someone did fall through when they say the ice is safe, then they open themselves up to being sued. I agree with the others, stupid is as stupid does.
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