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    2023-24 Team Contest Sign Up

    14. Eatsleephunt
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    Killing mulberry trees

    More landscaping/wind break. I think I am going to play it safe and cut them out. Thanks
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    Killing mulberry trees

    I have a some mulberry trees growing up in some spruce trees. Within a foot of the spruce trunks. I was going to cut and carefully treat the cut stump with herbicide. Any idea on what herbicide? I thought about a 50% glyphosate. I am worried about translocation. I really don't want to lose 20...
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    Need your thoughts/ideas AND reason why

    Congratulations on your new place! This is my biggest piece of advice. Get to know how the deer use your land. Where they bed, travel routes,what bucks do during the rut. Since you are an Archery hunter, make sure you have good access routes in and out of the food plot. Good luck! Post updates!
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    Youth gun?

    Questions for you. Has she ever shot a gun before? How old is she? If she hasn't shot before, definitely start her out with a 22.
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    Youth gun?

    Agree with the 350 legend. Low recoil, definitely good to 150 yards. I purchased a CVA Cascade in 350 for my 8 year old. It has a spacer in the stock to shorten the length of pull. 600 dollar gun with a 1 moa guarantee. And a threaded barrel. Good luck!
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    Crab apples?

    From what I understand, they also make good pollinators for some varieties of apple trees.
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    2022-23 Team Contest Sign Up

    13. Lucky 13, I'm in!
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    Watering hole

    A water hole was a game changer at my place. These are pictures of the first year I put it in. A drought year around here. I love sitting in the water hole stand on a warm sunny day late November!
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    Go Hawkeyes

    Go Hawks!
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    Black Friday Buck

    Been a slow season until this guy walked by! Around Thanksgiving is getting to be my favorite time to hunt! Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
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    Another Sligh mount

    Heck that deer would make a toilet for a base look awesome!! Great buck and spectacular taxidermy! Base looks great too!
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    2021-22 Team Contest Sign Up

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    Broadhead opinions

    I am shooting ramcats now. I like them,but after losing a buck last year time for a change. I am very familiar with the ranch fairy. I have gone through the "process". Sirius Vulcan arrows,250 spine. 100 gr insert,200 gr point. Absolute darts!!!! Now I have to pick a grown up broadhead...
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    Broadhead opinions

    Looking to change it up this season. 200gr cutthroats or tuffheads new 200gr evolution? Any experience with these? Thanks
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    Late season timber food plot

    Any chance to get some trees out of there on the South Southwest side? Get a little more sunlight to the plot? Planting clover in August I don't think you would have a good stand until spring time. I would do clover and winter rye not brassica. Good luck
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    Sir Walter

    Congrats! Great buck!
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    Bonus Hunt

    Great buck! I like your shot placement. Must not be using a rage huh? (I do apologize to all those that use rage broadheads:). If you don't mind what broadhead are you using? I am in the midst of going cut on contact single bevel.
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    International 300 utility tractor

    Where are you located? Pictures?
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    Shot this fella this morning

    I knew there was a reason I hated black licorice, it will kill you!! Great bear!
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