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    CVA Accura V2 "LR"

    I'm wondering if any one has this same muzzle loader. I haven't shot it yet and was interested in what others have put thru the same for ammo and loads. Thanks!
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    New Binos

    You should be able to get into Vortex Vipers 10x42 for right at $500 and they are awesome!
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    Ehd time again?

    I have to agree. It seems adding seasons or allowing use of tags for additional seasons or adding methods of taking always comes pretty easy but the opposite in the face of overwhelming evidence doesn't seem to turn a wheel...Hundreds of deer being found dead and no reduction in doe tags, really!
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    Recommendations for best hunting swivel chair?

    I have 2 SmithWorks ComfortQuest blind chairs and I really like them. They are adjustable and fold up for packing if need be and very comfortable. But they are not cheap.
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    Ehd time again?

    Ahquabi state park about 5 miles south of Indianola.
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    Found a few really nice size grays 2 weeks ago. Couldn't get back out till now. I'm wondering if it is still worth going this weekend in southcentral Iowa?
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    Morel farmer???

    I tried something like that at my cabin and also in a wooded area behind my parents house and neither did anything. I may not have done it right but I won't bother trying it again. It was several years ago; the stuff they sent looked like peaty mulch. 20 some bucks for a little bag about 1/2 the...
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    Canada fishing questions

    I've been fishing Ontario Lakes for over 35 years now and I love PowerPro braided Spectra Fiber fishing line for jigging for walleye. Good luck and enjoy that beautiful lake!
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    Making deer tags good for any season, or how to get more than one buck tag HF218

    I can go for this as long as the only method for taking is a spear :eek:. But seriously, where are all these crazy ideas coming from?!?
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    Muzzleloader Advice

    I use a Traditions Vortek series w/scope that I purchased several years ago. I don't know what size groups it shoots but I know it kills deer pretty darn good. My daughters have also used it to kill there deer. My only complaint is the scope it came with (not the best in low light). I would...
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    Deer hunting proposals for 2018

    I wonder if the late season talk in the listed counties is due to the CWD thing? I just hate to see that late season rear it's ugly head. I have a bad feeling it will only be a matter of time before the late season spreads to other counties...
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    "Floating tags" observation

    It’s easy to see where this would negatively affect revenue. I personally would buy a statewide bow tag then use the floating tag to hunt the shotgun seasons and if I didn’t fill it then I would use it for late muzzle loader season rather than buying a tag for that season. As side note, I would...
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    HF 631 Fee increase

    Probably a dumb question but why is the FB all fire against the state buying up some “rough” ground. It seems to me that more public hunting ground goes hand in hand with there mantra that the only good deer is a dead deer.
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    Shed buck season is in the way back!

    If the answer is access what exactly is the problem? "High population areas" "properties that hold all the deer" . Who is serving up this Kool Aid? Are you kidding me; if the blaze army with a pocket full of doe tags had access to all the timber ground in Iowa there would not be any deer left! I...
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    Shed buck season is in the way back!

    It appears that their are three different trains of thought here. First; this is money issue. The state wants to sell more tags so as to make more money. Second; it’s a population issue and the mantra is that we need to reopen the late season for population control. Third; there is a shooting...
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    Looking for Pull behind mower

    I am interested in purchasing a rough cut pull behind mower in good used condition. I currently have a 44" swisher that has worked great for years but is wearing out. My number is 319-231-1843. Thanks.
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    EDH Madison Co

    I heard somewhere that the reason bucks get it worse is that the midge can more easily bite thru the velvet on bucks antlers as opposed to getting thru a deer's thick hair and hide.
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    First Muzzle Loader

    I have had a Traditions Vortek for several years. It certainly does the trick.
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    Adult tags and youth license?

    But you don't need a hunting license to hunt on you own ground so you wouldn't need a license or a deer tag to mentor a youth on your own property correct?
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    Vortex bino size?

    I deer and turkey hunt in Iowa so most of the time I'm viewing things 300-350 yards or less. I have a pair of Vortex Vipers 10X42 and LOVE them! The things you can see with them when it's getting dark that you can't see with the naked eye is astonishing. To your question; I'm not sure I...
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