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    When would be the best time to replant this fall. Should I plant oats or wheat with it? If so, what do I need to do in the spring to get rid of the oats or wheat?
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    Alice Clover Problem I planted Alice Clover about 6 weeks ago. We didn't get rain for approx. 3 wks. Since then we've had about 2". I see almost NO clover anywhere germinated and I mean almost NONE. Will I have to replant or is there still hope?? I also planted some CP25 at the same time...
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    2008 White F-250 Lariat FX-4 Diesel. Sorry, no pic.
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    local hunter fell from tree

    I was told today the guy broke his back. Young, I think 25 with a little kid. I highly suggest using climbing ropes so you are connected to the tree all the way up, while on stand and down. I have one in every tree that I made myself with rope from Lowes. Cheap and easy to make. Originally...
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    Movement Update...

    NE Iowa last 7 days of hunting have seen 2 mature bucks and virtually no does. Buck to doe ratio is about 8 to 1. Little bucks poking around and a couple 130's but overall very SLOOOOOW!!!
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    Tonights Snow

    I'd go out if I could but to much going on. Snowshoes are on their way from Cabelas which will make the 1/2 to 3/4 mile walk a little easier in 20 inches of snow. :way:
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    Movement update...

    Saw 8 bucks- all dinks & 7 does in about 6.5 hours of sitting today. Sloooow
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    Cold weather clothes

    Under Armor top & bottoms, Heavy wool LJ's top & bottom, Heavy Fleece liner, King of the Mountain Heavy bibs & Bowhunter coat. On extremely cold days for long sits I throw on the Heater Body Suit.
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    Movement update...

    Was out all last week by Edgewood and it was Slooooow. I did see 2 mature bucks by themselves and a few smaller bucks hounding does. Almost all movement was in the first 2 hours of the day and last 1.5 hours of the day. I hope it picks up soon.
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    Movement update...

    Very slow in Delaware Cty. where I am. Lots of dink bucks sniffing around but that's it.
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    Best option for me to establish a food plot?

    I'd have the farmer do it. Generally they will do it pretty cheap. Especially if he's working other ground nearby. That being said I'm in about the same situation with land 1 hour north of me. But, I own a cabin & storage shed on the land and have all the equipment. Yes, it has been a HUGE...
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    New Broadheads

    I have Muzzy 100 Gr. 3 blade broadheads and shoot a Z7 at 67# and they fly great. I've owned a Mathews Q2XL, Outback, Switchback & Switchback XT as well and never shot anything but Muzzy 100gr. 3 blade and have shot lots of deer and a couple elk with them.
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    Looks like my Shot Plot will be finished growing this weekend. I assume once we get a frost they are finished growing?? They actually don't look to bad but I wish they were a little bigger.
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    When should I bcast my bean plots with rye? They are just starting to turn but still fairly green.
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    Cereal Grains and cover crops

    Can I still plant rye, oats or wheat? Would just like to broadcast on some bare areas.
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    Native Warm Season Grass

    I did plant 2 small plots of CIR this spring that turned out pretty good. It's almost as good as the stuff I frost seeded. The key is to get good weed control but if you spray in the spring it's a lot more hit and miss than if you spray in the fall & hit it again in the spring. If you can get...
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    Cereal Grains and cover crops

    I planted rye about 2-3 wks. ago and it's about 6" tall and looks pretty good. My Shot Plot on the other hand is sporadic. It was planted 30 days ago. The plots with direct sun, which are very few, look great and growing well. The plots with minimal or less sun are struggling. Some are just...
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    Native Warm Season Grass

    I think I'll just let it go. Thanks for your help!!!
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    Native Warm Season Grass

    My frost seedings all look great but my CIR is innundated with foxtail. How do I get rid of it??
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    Fall Food Plot?

    Oats/ Rye and clover. The oats and rye will be good this fall then mow them off about May and you'll have a nice clover plot. The rye & oats will give you some weed control.
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