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    Anyone familiar with using Zeolite powder for part of their scent free regimen prior to going out in the field? I was told to pick up some zeolite #325 particle size and unable to locate that anywhere on the net in bulk. Anyone have any suggestions or where I can find that?
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    Pine trees for rubbing post

    Thanks. I can come by this week some evening to get them. Thanks
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    Pine trees for rubbing post

    Anyone have any pine trees they would sell for use for a rubbing post? All I can seem to find without cutting down my neighbors trees is cedars.
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    Miscanthus x Gianteus

    Have you tried spraying quinclorac yet on your miscanthus? If so how did it work? Im thinking of trying it because i have too much foxtail.
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    Clay compacted soil

    Thanks for the advice. You make some very good points:) The crazy part about it all is when I got the soil test back the PH was a 7? I was like whaaaa? crazy. This was soil that was growing under trees that I ripped out. Apparently theres a new product out too now thats called penecal. Its...
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    Clay compacted soil

    I have a new area I am trying to amend for planting, miscathus, switch and hybrid sorghum screen. Some of the area I tilled up is heavy compacted clay and some is pretty decent black dirt that s pretty chunky. Whats the best way to amend this soil? Both for clay as well as the chunks. I want...
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    where you purchase your mineral?
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    Norway spruce plugs (group buy)

    I might be able to get black hills spruce plugs. I am open to ordering a different kind of screening tree if others are looking for something different than Norways. Its just what Ive picked since I would like to have them on my property and I think they look really nice and offer great screening
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    Norway spruce plugs (group buy)

    No worries but the reason I am ordering these is because they are plugs. Plugs are supposed to survive better than bareroots. I have purchased multiple bareroot trees from the DNR and alot of them dont survive even after the correct ground prep. let me know if you change your mind. They also...
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    Norway spruce plugs (group buy)

    I just updated the post,pick up in the Des Moines area, we need to get to a total of 450 trees all together
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    Norway spruce plugs (group buy)

    Is there any interest in combining orders for a group buy of 10-15inch Norway Spruce plugs? Minimum purchase is more than I need. They cost $1.50 each. pick up in the Des Moines area, payment due when ordering. I will be putting in a mass order so once the total order reaches 450 trees I will...
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    PRICE REDUCED! For sale: Packermax HD with Wheel kit

    Retails for $1,129.99, asking $825.00. Condition is good. Been used a few times. I always stored it inside after used and cleaned it off when done. Pick up or meet in Des Moines area. Call or text 515-520-0994 for questions or interests
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