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    Food Plot Advice

    Thanks for the reply. I'd really rather plant an annual vs. perennial if I can get something to grow & attract deer in the early fall since there are so many deer in the area and I'm afraid they'd have it decimated by the time hunting season started. I know I could fence it to keep them out...
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    Food Plot Advice

    I need some advice, please. I've planted Frigid Forage for years and have mainly planted Big N Beasty in my food plots here in Iowa and have had very good luck with it. I have a property in the Southern Black Hills in SD (about 25 miles south of Custer) and next year would like to plant some...
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    Shrink Fletch

    Anyone have any experience with shrink fletching their arrows? Opinions? I see that NAP & Blazer both make them and would like to hear opinions on both if anyone has used them. Might be the 'lazy man's' way to fletch an arrow, but if it works, it sure seems like it would be quicker & easier...
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    IW Represented in Times Square, NYC

    My wife is in NYC for work for 2 weeks and wanted my daughters to come out & spend a long weekend with her. My 'huntress' 11 year old daughter insisted that she take her favorite hat with her. They sent me this picture from Times Square last night.....I'm going to go out on a limb & say that...
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    ^^^^ Ya, that's where the lively discussion came from! Haha! Are you really 'hunting' if there's not a gun attached to it? I assume that law was written for people shooting out of an airplane and I know a CO who said he's written that ticket before. Are you 'hunting' if you're out with no...
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    We were talking about whether they're legal in a hunting/scouting/recovery applicaiton.
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    Did you read this in the regs somewhere? If so, where? We had a pretty 'spirited' conversation about this in the store yesterday & no one could find anything anywhere in the regs where it addressed use of drones. Obviously there is an ethical issue to using them, but we were discussing the...
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    Archery/Gun Shop

    PM sent......happy to help any way I can!
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    Another public land stud

    Great deer- CONGRATS!
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    Conceal carry

    From the number of replies already, obviously there are a lot of choices and there is not one gun that is going to be right for everyone. The size of your hands, recoil tolerance and a variety of other things are going to determine what gun is right for you. I own a gun store & help people...
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    Dnr road block 29 south Sgt. Bluff

    Never heard of them doing this in Iowa, let alone on this side of the state. It'll be interesting to hear if they caugt anyone with anything illegal.
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    No hide shoulder mount

    I've never heard of or seen such a thing, but quite honestly, I can't imagine that a painted form would look even close to nice- even the best paint job would look fake & tacky, IMO. As hunters, we're patient by nature.....just wait to do it until you get another cape....you'll be glad you did!
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    Sighting in Muzzeloader..Confused

    You should be happy with that, especially if it was that windy...you're not qualifying for the Olympics after all! Glad you got it figured out!! Good luck filling your tag with it!
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    Sighting in Muzzeloader..Confused

    ^^^This. I would never dream of leaving it uncleaned for months. I leave mine dirty from a day or two before early muzzy season until I tag out or the 10 day season is over and that's only due to the fact that the first shot on a clean barrel might end up anywhere.
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    Sighting in Muzzeloader..Confused

    If you can't find any of the 290gr T-EZ's and you want some more send me a pm or call me (I'll send you a PM with my phone #). I've got 3-24 packs that I'm not going to use and I could mail them to you if you get in a bind. I used that bullet with my TC muzzy, but I bought a new CVA this year...
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    Blackhorn 209 and/or Rifle Cleaning..

    I don't know if it's just in my head, but I use the Blackhorn Solvent- seems to me like it 'breaks down' the fouling faster & better. If I'm cleaning after I've been shooing, but I'm going to be shooting again soon, I lightly wet a nylon brush with the solvent, run it down about 3 times then...
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    Best bow buck to date

    Ya, he had a lot of bumps other stuff going on with the bases....they were good & thick too. He had a sticker coming off his main beam on the right side that you can't really see in the pic either. Back is lots better than it was on Thursday....I couldn't get from bed to the door to let the dog...
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    Sighting in Muzzeloader..Confused

    One good thing you've got going for you is that you're using Blackhorn, so it's not nearly as corrosive to leave it dirty & it's a lot easier to get the gun cleaned up when the time comes.
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    Sighting in Muzzeloader..Confused

    I have the same thing, especially on my TC muzzleloaders. No idea where the first shot is going...2nd shot is closer & after that they're all right in there. I leave mine dirty during the season too. Don't necessarily understand it, but that's just what she likes, so I go with it!
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    Best bow buck to date

    Had an awesome hunt this morning! Lots of chasing & plenty of action. Had a basket rack come right under me about 7:10 and about the time I was saying to myself, "Why can't this one be a shooter?" I looked up and saw a medium buck and a shooter about 200 yards away right next to the road...
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