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  1. J

    Elk in Iowa

    Great movie. But there were never any .30 caliber Hawken Rifles.
  2. J

    What about .45 and greater caliber air guns for whitetail deer?

    If you read my post, you would see that I am referring to .45 caliber and larger air rifles, not BB guns or smaller caliber guns. There are NO semi automatic or automatic .45 caliber or larger air rifles. .30 caliber is the largest caliber semi or full automatic PCP air rifle there is. There...
  3. J

    What about .45 and greater caliber air guns for whitetail deer?

    No, I have no financial interest whatsoever. It seems most of the opposition is not based on logic but on being upset over centerfire rifles being allowed previously. One of the commenters here said hunting with air rifles would make it easier. There is no way in hell that hunting with air...
  4. J

    What about .45 and greater caliber air guns for whitetail deer?

    What do you think about legalizing high caliber air guns (.45 caliber and up) for whitetails in Iowa.? Other states, like Missouri, allow them. They could be allowed in the muzzleloader season. I am talking only about those that shoot pellets/ bullets, not that shoot arrows. I really don't...
  5. J

    We’re Asking for Prayers and Support

    Just said a prayer for your wife. I personally went through intestinal cancer surgery. I was blessed to have that be the end of it with no chemo and no radiation. I pray your precious wife has a quick favorable outcome.
  6. 14 Pt Buck 1-20 Screenshot VideoB.png

    14 Pt Buck 1-20 Screenshot VideoB.png

    This is a screenshot from a video I took. Saw this book on trail cam in 2020 and 2021, but not in person and not since then. Who says Iowa doesn't have great bucks! Wonder what his Pope and Young score is.
  7. J

    Comment by 'Judge1' in media '210206FE-9A7A-46D9-BFA6-3C7C80C25C13.jpeg'

    It's great to see a photo of a monster buck like that Thanks for posting him.
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