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    Skip, End of Rant????? Please do not ever stop your rants. I actually learn a lot from your rants and then share that information with my WI buddies who think I have it made since I packed my bags and moved from WI to IA. They think there are booners behind every tree and that Iowans are...
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    Wow….so much great information everyone!!! I have a question as I am new to all of the things to habitat management. I recently walked thru some of my property and found some spots of MFR that are way too thick. I want to reduce some not all of it. I plan on cutting them and then spraying...
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    How early

    Been hunting for over 35 years and this is something I have always wondered…. When hunting in the morning, how early should you be on stand before first light? I have heard many different thoughts and theories. Love to hear all of your thoughts/theories.
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    What happened?

    Skip, I 100% agree with you about the corn. I am basically surrounded by corn right now. I have gone out a few times and everytime I can hear them in the corn, but can't get an eye on them. Now with this SSW winds here thru the weekend, I am using this time to button up everything and just...
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    Definitely will help in anyway that I can. Sounds like $$$ is going to be an important part to this. Anyway a "banquet" or two be organized with donated items/services/etc to be raffled off? Thru many years of coaching, having raffles was an absolute GREAT way to raise money. I don't like...
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    Podcast on tactics, land, kids, mature bucks- FEEDBACK?

    It's 12:03am on Thursday morning and I just finished listening to the podcast. It got me fired up on wanting to do projects on my place right now, but I can hear rain falling on the roof right now.....YES!!!!! Finally!!! Another great podcast Skip. I especially liked the part on how you are...
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    A second ARCHERY tag in Iowa??

    I say yes to trading the tag, but it must be ANTLERLESS only! I moved from WI to Iowa for 2 reasons…get away from people AND to hunt in a state that has age structure. I am probably not going to make many friends when I say this but let’s also take it one step further and make Iowa a 1 BUCK...
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    Rubbing Posts Location

    In what locations do you have the most success with rubbing posts you put out?
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    What is next best???

    What is the next best to use/do, if a person can’t afford a no-till?
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    Food Plots and screening

    New to all of this….just trying to learn as much as possible. Just thought I would suggest an idea. Yes I know they coexisted before, but just trying to make my property the best it can be from surroundings properties.
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    Food Plots and screening

    Has anyone ever scattered screening like miscathus in plots bigger than an acre throughout food plots? I am just thinking that maybe more deer would be confortable b/c they can't see every other deer in plot and would help provide a little buffer for them. I have a 2 acre bean plot that I was...
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    1.75 in Unionville area!!! Finally something to settle the dust....lol
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    I think its all in the eye of the beholder. Everyone here is at their own stage in life and hunting journey so everyone has their own goals. No wrong answers here as long as we all support each other and strive for the overall goal of "Keeping Iowa Great"!!!!
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    I would shoot the top one. For a deer to reach the 200” level, it takes a special deer and the bottom one looks like it could be something special. You don’t get many chances to chase a 200” whitetail!!!!
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    Spotting scope

    Hey Everyone, Need some advice on a good spotting scope. I was able to talk wife into letting me get a pair of Swarovski binoculars a few years back, but I don’t think she is going to go for a spotting scope too…lol. Anyone have any suggestions on a good scope that doesn’t require another p/t...
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    Plot Rotation

    Ok, so I have roughly a 4 acre plot in the shape of a horse. The sides of the horseshoe are roughly 1/2 acre each. I am going to plant both sides in clover in early spring and then in late July/early August, I am going to plow one side and put it into half brassicas and half rye mix consisting...
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    EHD management tactics….

    Thanks again Skip for providing that video. It really helps with getting the correct ratios for people like me that are new to this part of the whitetail management and want to do things right from the beginning. Can't thank you enough!!!!
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    Need your thoughts/ideas AND reason why

    Yes the blue area is where the best soils are which is why I was thinking of planting beans in that area with a hot fence around them until November 1st. I have always heard that if you plant too small of a plot with beans, they will never make it. That bluish field is a minimum of 3 acres and...
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    Need your thoughts/ideas AND reason why

    So my wife and I finally did it...we bought a house with some land on it and moved to Iowa from WI. Been here a total of 1 week and I actually think I am in heaven....so quiet, peaceful, everything we have been looking for. Anyways, I am starting to think about the land. I have already spoke...
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    MN passed crossbows & HOW IT GOT THROUGH!

    It took a week or two but I eventually got this when I joined a few months ago.
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