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    Disc VS Tiller

    Both if you can swing it. They both have positives. The type of disc makes a big difference. I have a standard round 16' Krause and is so-so. A disc harrow is the way to go if you get a disc. That is my next investment.
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    late season tactics

    bump... for the fist time, it looks like my bow season is going into OT...
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    Northern Monroe county has been hard hit by EHD in some areas. On a 1 mile stretch of healthy creek there have been 7 bucks found and on a farm just 3 miles away, also on a normally healthy creek, 10 deer dead, 8 bucks. On another farm 3 deer dead just 1 mile away. In comparing notes, it seems...
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    Movement for 11-5?

    Anybody seeing anything? In SE Iowa I sat Saturday night and Sunday morning and saw nothing. Today the weather sure seems like a kill day.
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    Did Bonker get banned???

    I gotta meet the Bonker...love the guy and never met him!
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    Vandenburg buck?

    Wow, his first 21 point performance of the year! Next one to follow Saturday, Go Hawks!
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    What the heck is this noise??

    Amen brother, love it.
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    What the heck is this noise??

    You guys want to have the time of your lives? Get hooked up with a small pack of beagles, some good friends, and fix yourself up some blunt/judo arrows and have some fun. It is a riot:drink2:
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    What the heck is this noise??

    I am disappointed we have no houndsmen on here. :D It is two Beagles doing what they do...chasing rabbits. my guess is that that it kept moving in a circle behind you? Rabbits are like most other animals, they will always end up back where they started unless they hole up.
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    Loss of a hunting partner...

    Thanks for the thoughts. It just helps to talk about it a little bit. The things that dog food manufacturers do to our animals are despicable. We had beagles when I was a kid and they lived to 16 - 18 easily and it was usually cancer or heart failure that was the issue. I am amazed as I surf...
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    Loss of a hunting partner...

    We lost Otis, our 13 year old beagle last night. He lost his battle with kidney disease and we are crushed. He was the best hunting partner and companion a hunter and family could ask for (no offense idehunter). He was our first dog as a couple and the baby of our family. He was diagnosed...
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    Squirrel hunting?

    Thanks for the advice. I have hunting beagles and have yet to take my bow rabbit hunting. That may be my post deer season bowhunting from now on...
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    Anyone shooting a Drenalin ..Good or bad comments

    Re: Anyone shooting a Drenalin ..Good or bad comm THA4, I have to agree about Mathews. I have been a Legacy shooter since '02 and I am spoiled a$$ rotten. I absolutely love my Mathews and as much as I like new toys, I am experiencing seperation anxiety at thought of getting rid of my Legacy...
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    Anyone shooting a Drenalin ..Good or bad comments

    I too am considering a Drenalin. Thanks for the observations Nacho. In your opinion, why is it not equal to the XT as a tree stand bow?
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    ph tester?

    Anyone ever use the biologic ph tester they sell in Cabela's and Bass Pro. It looks handy but I wasn't sure how accurate it would be.
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    What is on tap? Who will be the speaker?
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    Squirrel hunting?

    Thanks, I have a recurve but I have not shot it at all.
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    Squirrel hunting?

    How many of you are squirrel hunters on here? I was thinking about using my bow and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions?
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    Looking for a used pontoon boat that needs some work. Anyone have any leads? I can't justify spending a ton of money on one and would not mind having a fixer upper.
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    OT- Dale Jr.

    Too bad about Hendrick. I liked JR's attitude but I will never be able to listen to him again. This is Rick Hendrick's attempt to buy popularity. Lets face it, he is a bloated convict who overstated his lukemia to stay out of prison and then bought a pardon from Bill Clinton.
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