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  1. blake

    Any scrapes yet?

    I usually hunt a 40 area patch of timber along the Iowa River. I have seen no scapes, but the trees are torn up with rubs. Rubs that are high off the ground and on larger trees. I am hopeful that there is a big one using this area?????
  2. blake

    High Times Deer Binge On Hemp

    Article in Grand View Outdoors High Times: Deer Binge On Oregon Hemp Farm By: CHRISTIAN LOWE A group of deer in southern Oregon might be grabbing for the Doritos after chowing down on a field of industrial hemp, the Associated Press reports. The hemp field near Murphy, Oregon...
  3. blake

    Caldwell Whitetail Deer Target

    The Caldwell "Natural Series" Whitetail Deer Target is perfect for preparing younger hunters or experienced hunters for the upcoming season. The targets are life-size, full color, cardboard targets with an outlined vital and skeletal structure area that teaches perfect shot placement. The black...
  4. blake

    What Triggers the Whitetail Rut?

    Article in QDMA: What Triggers the Whitetail Rut? Whitetails are rutting somewhere in their range from August through February. Amazingly, they breed over this seven-month period just in the state of Florida! Let’s look at the factors that lead to widely varying breeding dates, and...
  5. blake

    Facts & Truth About Culling Bucks

    Article in Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine The Facts and Truth About Culling Bucks By: By John Ozoga Culling is the selective removal of presumably inferior deer in order to improve the quality of the remaining population. Among whitetails, the culling harvest strategy generally...
  6. blake

    Warm Weather & Venison

    Article from the QDMA: How Long is Venison Safe in Warm Weather? The doe kicked and ran out of the food plot like a hard-hit deer, hunched with its tail tucked, and I heard loud crashing sounds not far into the thicket. Confident I had venison on the ground within easy reach, I...
  7. blake

    Deer With Warts, Should You Eat It?

    Article from QDMA: So Your Deer Has Warts. Should You Eat It? Each year, hunters across the whitetail’s range encounter deer with “warts,” like the buck in the photo above, sent to us by QDMA member Evan Heusinkveld. The growths on these deer are cutaneous fibromas and are caused...
  8. blake

    Recommendations for Crossbow

    It is in the application.
  9. blake

    Grunt calls

    True talker
  10. blake

    Trapping Regulations

    From The Iowa DNR: 1 License not required for residents under 16 if accompanied by a licensed adult (18 years or older). 2 Lifetime hunting license available to residents who qualify. Deer and Turkey licenses, Iowa Migratory Game Bird Fee and Federal Waterfowl Stamp must be...
  11. blake

    Attract Songbirds to Your Yard

    From the Iowa DNR: 7 Ways to Attract Songbirds to Your Yard Whether you’re trying to attract photo subjects or some cute little neighbors for company, creating a songbird habitat in your yard is a great way to get nature to come to you. No matter if you’ve got a yard the size of a...
  12. blake

    Recommendations for Crossbow

    I assume he may someday go back to a compound? There are a number of quality crossbows out there for $400-$600 dollars. Get the best you can afford. If it shoots over 300 FPS you will need to purchase special crossbow broad heads. I tried to shoot 4 blade Muzzys, and 3 blade Rages, they where...
  13. blake

    Iowa’s Poisonous Plants

    I fixed the photos, Thanks Randy. :)
  14. blake

    Avoiding and Removing Ticks

    From the Iowa DNR: Tips and Tricks for Avoiding and Removing Ticks Not everybody likes bugs and spiders, but even fewer people like a parasite. But don’t let these little critters keep you from enjoying the outdoors this summer. With some preventative actions, you can help...
  15. blake

    Iowa’s Poisonous Plants

    From the Iowa DNR: How to Identify Iowa’s Poisonous Plants “Leaves of three, let it be.” Many of us had this mantra drilled into us as children, and we continue to repeat it when we venture into the woods today. However, we shouldn’t let it scare us out of the woods altogether. Learning...
  16. blake

    Best Time to Catch Fish

    From the Iowa DNR: What's The Best Time of Day to Catch Fish? Anglers may argue until they’re blue in the gills about the best bait to use in procurement of our fine, finned friends. But most are in agreement that, above all else, weather distinguishes a good day of fishing from a...
  17. blake

    How Close is the Rut? 6 Ways to Tell

    Article from Field & Stream Magazine: How Close is the Rut? Here are 6 Ways to Tell You know about rubs and scrapes. Here are some other clues. Article by Bill Vaznis Photograph courtesy of Steve/Flickr When does the rut peak in your area? You can check last year’s dates, talk...
  18. blake

    Can the Crossbow Save Hunting?

    Now how did I know that this article was going to ruffle some of you iowawhitetail members feathers! :rolleyes: I will be hunting this fall with my Ten Point Vapor and I will be posting photos of my kills. :D Good luck to everyone whitetail hunting this fall, and remember, I was not the one...
  19. blake

    Can the Crossbow Save Hunting?

    While I certainly do respect each of you members opinions, and the “facts” that Skip posted, here is my take: I am 65 years old, for the last 5 years in a row I have had to reduce the poundage on my compound bow due to an old rotator cup injury. My bow is currently set at 42 pounds. I can’t...
  20. blake

    Can the Crossbow Save Hunting?

    Article in Outdoor Life Magazine Can the Crossbow Save Hunting? by Craig Dougherty This 12-point Ohio buck was taken by OL reader Norman Troyer in November 2014. One of the biggest concerns in the hunting industry is a declining number of hunters. We are losing hunters faster...
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