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  1. NWBuck

    Off topic, maybe controversial but a lot of fun & excitement!!!!

    Small rebuttal. Ironically, $80 Billion is what we he committed us to in MFP payments due to his trade war destroying farm markets. This is simply Trump buying farm votes for 2020. When exactly is this supposed to end? For sure not before the election, right? Republicans want smaller...
  2. NWBuck

    Off topic, maybe controversial but a lot of fun & excitement!!!!

    Oh, he definitely wasn't ball less...pretty sure we have physical evidence of that :D:D My point was simply this. The economy was strong, unemployment was low, and we had a balanced budget for the only time in modern history. And I couldn't stand him because of personal behavior. But I do...
  3. NWBuck

    Off topic, maybe controversial but a lot of fun & excitement!!!!

    The Republican talking point these days is pretty much "Hey, I know he's a jerk, but he's done a lot of great things for our country". I've read much of the same in this thread. I would argue that many of the "great" things he's taking credit for is simply repairing something he destroyed to...
  4. NWBuck

    1 acre food plot

    You might try Eagle forage soybeans as well. They're dumb expensive (think I paid about $85 for 50 lb. bag), but they're designed to grow through browse pressure, grow taller and stay green deeper into the season...all of which are true based on my experience. I haven't bought them for a few...
  5. NWBuck

    Surprise, no brows

    Great buck...congrats!! NWBuck
  6. NWBuck

    Moosehunter finally has a season

    Good to have you back posting big buck kills...congrats on a great deer!! NWBuck
  7. NWBuck

    Pheasant season

    Shot 1 opening day. Haven't been back out, but a bunch more corn out now, so this weekend should be much better. NWBuck
  8. NWBuck


    What a tank...congrats on a great deer!! NWBuck
  9. NWBuck

    A first!

    Nice work...great pic! NWBuck
  10. NWBuck

    Paige's First Buck

    Terrific deer...congrats to both of you!! NWBuck
  11. NWBuck

    Bag targets?

    If you have some arrows strictly for target practice, try wiping the last foot or so of the arrow down with WD40. It really helps with removing them from pretty much any type of target. NWBuck
  12. NWBuck

    Monroe County Buck- 10/13/19

    What a beauty...congrats!! NWBuck
  13. NWBuck

    The buck named Carter- 10-03-2019

    Tremendous deer...congrats!! NWBuck
  14. NWBuck

    Youth tag #1 notched.

    Way to go Alik!! Congrats to both of you...and by the way, that's a really good photo!! NWBuck
  15. NWBuck

    Taitn's first hunt is successful

    What a great buck and story! Congrats to both of you!! NWBuck
  16. NWBuck

    Alex schlocks one

    Way to go guys...congrats!! NWBuck
  17. NWBuck

    Youth season!

    Good work! I've been waiting to see some results from the weekend. When you have kids who are ready to hunt, there's nothing you look forward to more than youth season...congrats to all!! NWBuck
  18. NWBuck

    Good week up North

    Good stuff...Congrats to both of you!! NWBuck
  19. NWBuck

    Black cold weather coat for ground blinds

    I have a heavyweight Carhart that was given to me, and I use it for just what you're talking about. All black, very warm, and pretty quiet as well. NWBuck
  20. NWBuck

    South Splitter Buck

    Great buck! Better get him early...he looks like the kind that could get busted up pretty quickly once he starts fighting. NWBuck
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