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  1. Deer Nut

    Do Bobcats eat deer?

    Since the cats have become regulars on one section I hunt in Van Buren County, I have been finding between 3 and 5 turkey carcasses a year. Usually when running cameras. The carcasses are never fully eaten. I believe if it was coyotes the carcass would be pretty much destroyed but they are not...
  2. Deer Nut

    2016-17 was my Dream Season

    Wow what a season! Congrats to you!
  3. Deer Nut

    Daughters early muzz buck

    Holy smokes that is an awesome buck! Congrats to her on a fantastic buck of a lifetime! And good job Dad!
  4. Deer Nut

    Historical annual harvest numbers

    Does anyone know how to access this info? It looks like we might be down compared to the end of last years shotgun seasons. It would be interesting to compare a 10 year span if I could. It also looks like shed antler buck harvest is down slightly. I know it will go up quite a bit before...
  5. Deer Nut

    County Quota help?

    The DNR makes that many tags available because the county is heavy on deer. BUT - it is only heavy in certain areas and these areas for the most part are large tracts of leased and or privately owned acres that are tightly controlled. I see it first hand. I have seen it for years. The...
  6. Deer Nut

    Halon vs Z7 Extreme

    I just bought a Halon this year. My 29th year archery hunting and I've never owned a Mathews until this year. I will admit it is the best all around bow I have ever shot.
  7. Deer Nut

    Deer movement update thread

    First snow in Iowa this morning should be a really good thing for a whole lot of shotgunners! Good luck all.
  8. Deer Nut

    Late muzzy question?

    Yes it is technically a "primitive weapons" season. But you cannot use a muzzleloader to fill your regular archery season tag.
  9. Deer Nut

    The Trailer Buck 3

    I just love this story more every year! Very very cool! Congratulations!
  10. Deer Nut

    gun theft

    Absolutely disgusting! I HATE THIEVES! I hate to see this kind of thing.
  11. Deer Nut


    Congrats again man he's awesome!
  12. Deer Nut

    Deer movement update thread

    Hell of a buck! Congratulations!
  13. Deer Nut

    Deer movement update thread

    Nov 7th evening sit SE Iowa - 5 does and fawns, forky, 6 pt followed my drag rag in, then a decent 3 1/2 chasing and grunting. Tried to pull him closer with a grunt to see who he was but he wanted nothing to do with it. Took off running. I'm headed out right now. Good luck!
  14. Deer Nut

    taking a long shot

    Just an all around great buck and a good story too Zach! Good tine length and mass to boot! How old do you think he is? And- are we chasing goats next year. :)
  15. Deer Nut

    Deer movement update thread

    Are the guys seeing good activity located in the northern part of the state? Can you include a general location please?
  16. Deer Nut

    Someones disappointed

    OUCH! He'll probably shed in late Nov early Dec :)
  17. Deer Nut

    Deer movement update thread

    I wish I could hunt this evening or even better yet - tomorrow morning.
  18. Deer Nut

    Deer movement update thread

    I hunted Van Buren county Sunday evening and only saw two fawns.
  19. Deer Nut

    Deer movement update thread

    I figured we should have a thread dedicated to observations. Please include your general location also. NE Ia, SW Ia, etc. I won't be back in a stand until next week. Good luck everyone!
  20. Deer Nut

    Got to love October surprises

    One more thing - last week I had a huge 10 in a field right at dark. One grunt from me at 60 yards and he ran away as fast as could. My guess is either not a fighter - or - the 280 lb tank in the neighborhood has kicked his arse a few times.
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