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  1. sethgade280

    Attention Rut Hunters

    I planned my second child's birth so it wouldn't land at the beginning of sept because I was getting my bear tag which u waited ten yrs for. Thought I was really redneck for doing this but I guess alit of people think about this. Both boys are early bowhunting and anniversary is June. I am good...
  2. sethgade280

    Question for NR's

    I am a nrlo. I also own land in Wisconsin which is managed fairly well. Even with the numbers being "lower" than other years, there still is no comparison to the deer we shoot in iowa compared to wi. I may hunt 2 4.5s and 5 3.5s per year in wi and have triple or more shooters in iowa. Granted we...
  3. sethgade280

    Propane usage

    I have a 2800 sq ft home in Wisconsin. Built in 2010 and very well built. I have a wood fireplace in my great room which heats the front half of the house. In floor heat in basement and garage. I go through 400-500 a month if really cold. But.....I have tall ceilings and lots of big windows for...
  4. sethgade280

    Bleep!!! I forgot my........

    Forgot my gun, arrows, and release only once. phone etc. multiple times
  5. sethgade280

    seeing large bucks

    Agreed. When I first started hunting I was always wondering why the 1st sit was always best and the more I sat it....the fewer deer and the quality of deer I saw. They feel your pressure and it doesn't matter what clothing you have or how scent free you think you are....they can smell you and...
  6. sethgade280

    what the he**?

    You want change.....take a look at my stock portfolio!! Take a look at my health insurance premiums, take a look at the overall nation debt!!! He is a joke! Spread the wealth?? Basically saying.....u too can sit on your lazy fat azz and get a check in the mail from the gov't. The gov't gets...
  7. sethgade280

    Oh Oh Oh Godzilla..... Age and Score

    Well than what is your beef?? Your making money every year and you have places to go!!! Be happy and don't get on people about leasing land when they might not have the opportunity or are fortunate enough to have the money or know people that have land to hunt.
  8. sethgade280

    Oh Oh Oh Godzilla..... Age and Score

    Congratulations!!!!!!! So now that I know yo don't own any land yourself.....why don't you open your pocket book and buy any?? I will answer you.....I can't afford any. That is the problem for alot of people, hence the start of the argument where people may afford to give a farm owner some...
  9. sethgade280

    Oh Oh Oh Godzilla..... Age and Score

    Honestly JNRBRONCO.....do you have anything better to do besides start up such a stupid topic. As you already know, land prices are going higher and higher every year. Most people can't go out and buy 100 acres of land just for hunting. Leasing is a good way for people to get property to...
  10. sethgade280

    Head, neck or nothin

    congrats man. nice setup
  11. sethgade280

    2012 Project

    Should be nice when filled. Stabilize that shoreline!!!! you will lose everything and won't be able to keep fish in there if the shoreline is in the pond. Just helping buddy
  12. sethgade280

    2012 Project

    Your shoreline will be in the pond if you don't stabilize. How high were you standing on the pile dirt when you measured 25-28ft?? Just wondering. Every one thinks they have a 20 ft pond and when you measure it you will see they have a grand total of 10-12ft. I see it all the time...
  13. sethgade280

    Buy land in missouri or iowa

    Got land right on the border. Mine is Iowa. Neighbor sees monsters during gun due to the timing. Sligh is right. He whacks a big one every year the first day. But that is the way it goes. I wish mine was in MO so I could get the tags every year. haha.
  14. sethgade280

    Full House Is Back- Picked Up Mount From Joe Meder

    Truely a great buck and a awesome mount!!
  15. sethgade280

    how did you get it?

    My name and the amount of acres I own. nothing too clever i guess
  16. sethgade280

    bear hunt

    Be patient. Bears will hang up and study the bait sight. Once they commit, they are yours. Biggest problem alot of people do is get too eager to get bow in hand and scare the bears. They will come in. When they do....you normally have time to study, and wait for perfect shot. If the...
  17. sethgade280

    Some people take for granted what they have.

    I follow you guys. I have been know to drink acouple "yummies" while shed hunting, but I always crush my tans and put them in my back pack. Most of the time, I leave the woods with more cans then I drank....and this is on my own land. I would like to see what they would say if you threw down...
  18. sethgade280

    How many welcome Outfitters in Iowa???

    This whole issue has many "ifs". If I own land next to an outfitter as well as a husband/wife tv show. I look at it as the following...... would i rather have the outfitter manage the land for big bucks for his clients. You know that if he can't supply shooter bucks he wouldnt be around...
  19. sethgade280

    Trespasser - NW Monroe

    LOL I hope you are joking!!!! They are using shotguns with a slug barrel with open sights. I hope like heck you dont' shoot birds with your slug barrel!!!!
  20. sethgade280

    Trespasser - NW Monroe

    Also, doesn't anyone use a scoped shotgun in Iowa? Everytime I see a pick, they are all with a Remington 870 without a scope! Man, why not have a gun capable of killing a deer more accurate?
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