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  1. StrikerII

    BD year in review (PIC HEAVY)

    Congrats on a great year, and beautiful photography work! Good luck with the new baby, your life will change!
  2. StrikerII

    Looking for a new Broadhead...

    Slick Trick Magnums or Anarchy broadheads. Cut on contact and good bloodtrails
  3. StrikerII

    Been tough hunting

    Great buck, congrats!
  4. StrikerII

    2018 Muzzleloader buck

    Great buck, congrats! Your son looks like a real farmer and enjoys it!
  5. StrikerII

    Cleaning a breech plug

    Great info. I made a similar setup to cleanout the breech plug. Took a piece of carbon arrow shaft and glued one end into a cork. At the other end, I taped the base of the drill bit and then glued that into the opposite end of the arrowshaft. Now at the range I can stand my Knight DISC rifle...
  6. StrikerII

    Shotgun 1&2

    80 rounds? You expecting trouble? Nice setup tho.
  7. StrikerII

    Is anyone putting in any water holes this year? How are you going to go about it?

    I use the kiddie pool waterholes. I change the water every year, rake the leaves off in the Fall and I lug fresh water in every September. They work as a great little water source if there isn't any water around. One I use the most is in a strip of timber off a big CRP/cedar bedding area. Bucks...
  8. StrikerII

    frost seeding

    Just frost seeded a clover plot today. We're due to get snow tonight, grounds soft due to rains this week so it should work. I did it last year this time and it came in thick. I'm in western Maryland
  9. StrikerII

    The "Big 9" STORY ADDED

    Great buck congrats!!
  10. StrikerII

    In search of a muzzleloader!

    Luke’s a great guy and has an outstanding business!
  11. StrikerII

    Hunter's 12

    Cogratulations a great buck! Glad the family got to enjoy the time together doing it. Now if you could just get the wife to go along
  12. StrikerII

    Hit list buck goes down......Shed Buck?!?

    Great buck and adventure, especially doing it with your brother. Awesome deer and photo work on the water boil toss!
  13. StrikerII

    12-23-2017- 8 point

    Great 8 congratulations!
  14. StrikerII

    This is what it is all about!

    Congratulations on a great buck! You now have him hooked for life, congratulations gundog on a job well done! I always enjoyed the times I took my son out, going overboard to get him on a buck or gobbler. I miss those days now that he moved to Texas.
  15. StrikerII

    Broke G3

    Great deer congratulations and love the storyline.
  16. StrikerII

    Lauren's first bow buck

    Great buck, congratulations!
  17. StrikerII

    Late Rut success

    Congratulations, that buck is a tank!
  18. StrikerII

    My wife's 1st season success

    Great buck, congratulations!
  19. StrikerII


    Great buck, congratulations!
  20. StrikerII

    Turkey buck

    Nice shooting and great buck!
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