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    any guess on score

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    Cool Buck Video

    nice looking buck
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    New buck showed up!

    This could be pretty far fetched but here are a few pics of one from last year and they kinda show some resemblence could this be the same deer>?
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    New buck showed up!

    what town are you from KG
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    New buck showed up!

    checked one of the cameras today I waded across the river to put this camera up felt it would produce some decent deer i was suprised lol Great looking deer cant wait to get after him next month; not a bad deer for NW Iowa lol
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    Score? Age?

    big enough son
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    Best pics of 09-10 season

    just a few of the nicer ones from last year
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    Big 10

    i would put him right around the mid 160 range
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    i would also say the 2007 deer and this years deer is the same one
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    Last year in the summer I was able to get a giant typical spotted (that i later named Duece) in a bean field and later got him on camera. I harvested a deer in 2008 that i believe is his twin during the late muzzleloader season. Duece 2009 Duece's twin harvest in 2008 During the...
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