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  1. shedhead06

    Lickin branch

    I thought this was a beautiful classic trail camera picture! Small buck but the lighting was perfect! Now I just need a 200 incher in the same pose. . . . :rolleyes:
  2. shedhead06

    IW Decal Give Away

    I will take one!
  3. shedhead06

    Kansas Hunt

    Wow! I can't imagine killing that many birds on one property!
  4. shedhead06

    Whittakers Wildlife

    I agree. I have nothing but great things to say about Rick. He has mounted 6 deer for me, 4 for my dad and all of them are the best quality taxidermy I have seen around Iowa. That's why I continue to use him. All are done in a timely manner every year. Keep up the great work Rick! I'll have...
  5. shedhead06

    Heard of a huge typical by Dunlap?

    Heard about it, keep checking to see if anyone on here is nice enough to post some pics
  6. shedhead06

    High Roller Shed Out

    That thing is a BEAST!! hopefully the kicker off his base doesn't get broke off too soon
  7. shedhead06

    Today's Check

    That first buck is awesome! I love deer with character
  8. shedhead06

    Today's Card Pull (8/12/10)

    Awesome pics once again! WOW!! that is one hell of a place you got goin on there
  9. shedhead06

    An old Buddy

    Yeah, pretty sure he would make my buddy list too! Awesome looking deer. Love the mass
  10. shedhead06

    Picket Fence; 2009 and This Year-2010

    Heck of a buck! too bad he is so narrow. still going to be a brute in a couple years! good luck with him
  11. shedhead06

    Typical 12

    Anyone have an idea what he might score? I was thinkin(hoping) somewhere around low to mid 70s
  12. shedhead06

    Typical 12

    My first card pull this year!
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