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  1. WhitetailFreak88

    New Year's Redemption

    Those are some sick brows! Congrats on a stud!
  2. WhitetailFreak88

    Nov 8th All Day Sit Buck

    Stud of a deer! Congrats Nick!
  3. WhitetailFreak88

    moose on the loose.

    Nope. They are protected in Iowa.
  4. WhitetailFreak88

    A question for those who have built AR style guns

    I agree with skyleralan. Unless you have lots and lots of time to wait for the parts you want to get in stock, I would personally just buy a complete rifle. I built my first AR in the past year, and even before all of the craziness happening these days, it was very difficult to get the parts I...
  5. WhitetailFreak88

    Same buck, Huge Jump

    Get that bruiser next year! Can't wait to see it! :way:
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