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  1. turtlshell


    that story is insane...like the buck's width...WOWSERS. Well done
  2. turtlshell

    Election Day Whitetail

    great story and great buck...well done!!!
  3. turtlshell

    Deer movement update thread

    East Central. Took my son to school and then went to vote so I wasn't able to climb into the stand until 10am, but it was two hours of non-stop action. 4 does, dozen bucks, passed a nice 3.5yr old 10pt 140s at 11:55, at 12:10 my #2 hitlist (moon-missile) a 4.5yr old came down the same path...
  4. turtlshell

    Costa Rica Charter trip

    Nice fish, especially that monster Mahi Mahi
  5. turtlshell


    Thank you a ton you guys...I passed your appreciation of archive on to Joe. Joe finished second in total votes, therefore he's one of the 25 finalists...as they take the top 5 vote totals from each of the 5 branches. Winners will be notified/selected on veterans day. I'll keep y'all...
  6. turtlshell


    Hey fellow IWer's...it's been a while since I've posted, but I still check in a few times a month. As season is set to kick off, I figured traffic may pick up here and I have a request of you for a fellow classmate and great friend of mine. There's a hunting contest going on for vets, and...
  7. turtlshell

    Nice night...

    Well done Daver...brute for sure
  8. turtlshell

    Sligh1 - October 1 Buck, Great Opener! "REST OF THE STORY"....

    That's a lifetime event right there...well earned. Congrats doesn't do it justice.
  9. turtlshell

    Blaster (Iowawhitetails poster child for safty!) NOT

    Dang man...that's nasty, but sure glad your son didn't have to witness something worse. God speed on the recovery
  10. turtlshell


    Wow your second fish looks awesome, great color...healthy fish all around!
  11. turtlshell

    Decent Newcomer!

    Had one like that last year, only pics I got and no sheds...hope he's back on my first card pull.
  12. turtlshell

    Thoughts On What To Plant

    They look too good to turn under...I agree on the overseed above. If Ifyou're really itching, experiment...leave half, convert the other half. They look great. You got them in about the same time I got mine in, but yours look like they're 3 weeks ahead. You're doing something right
  13. turtlshell

    Disc VS Tiller

    I agree on the powdered soil from a tiller causing "crusting" after a rain. We do about 5 acres, mow followed by disc and then a lot of walking with the bag seeder. We borrow/rent a neighbors disc...due to its size and weight. It does good for our needs. I think a clod buster behind it would...
  14. turtlshell

    guess who I ran into?

    yes, these would make quite a trophy room. Don't fool yourself...your "little" brushy draw might be a big buck's bedroom! It will pay dividends to be in quality area. Congrats. Good to hear he's a nice dude.
  15. turtlshell

    where to buy seed

    Welters website is just down. They got hit with a nasty bug "worm/trojan horse"...phone orders still work. Just placed mine and my dad is headed there now. They'll be back online ASAP. #1 spot, for sure
  16. turtlshell

    JUNIOR gets drafted!!!

    kick A$$...and that's a crazy timeline. Best of luck
  17. turtlshell

    Sunflowers/Dove Plot

    sunflowers are pretty aggressive...i get away without any chemicals by timing the discing/seeding/weather. Put them on a bit heavy (broadcast) and once they canopy out, the weeds are toast. With what you did, you'll be fine. Also, as for timing of growth and hunting dove...I do not condone...
  18. turtlshell

    Be carefull Bonker

    Agreed...screw the liberal pet lovers. The quail in her area REJOICE!
  19. turtlshell

    Turkey Population

    after hunting second season, and not seeing or hearing what I anticipated I got overly suspicious. I spoke with some neighboring farmers. Between their stories and other local hunters trailcam pics, bobcats are a problem here, now...and had never been confirmed until a couple years ago. I...
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