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  1. bwese

    Water hole question!

    If you can bury it in a draw type of setting and take advantage of mother nature refilling it, I'd recommend that. Being buried will also keep it from freezing longer than above ground. If mother nature fills it then one isn't intruding into areas that perhaps the deer one is hunting doesn't...
  2. bwese

    Thermal drone herd analysis…..

    Well put 1983. Those are the exact is reasons I'm having my 80 acre farm done. I have no delusions of my 80 ever being the deer mecca that large properties can be. I'm just trying to make it the best 80 acre deer hunting property it can be for my family, vets, friends and myself to hunt...
  3. bwese

    Thermal drone herd analysis…..

    I don't know. It's based on travel distance and acreage.
  4. bwese

    Thermal drone herd analysis…..

    I booked him for the first week of January '25. I'm looking forward to the intel on what Rous14 is curioius about in his last post. Jack seems like a really good egg.
  5. bwese

    JD 71 planter for sale $600.00

  6. bwese

    Beans and corn together

    Jake, that was a very informative interview. In fact it caused me to try to research the high oil corn. I found that there is not a lot out there on it but I rolled the dice on what Tony plants and will give it a go this year. The plot will be a little over 2 acres and split between traditional...
  7. bwese

    Latest podcast: Keep Iowa Great & HABITAT!

    That was a great sharing of ideas, knowledge, and human growth. Thank you Skip!
  8. bwese

    Orchard locations?

    I watched a recent episode of Bill Winke's on tree pruning. One of the experts on it doing the pruning pointed out an area that Bill planted into fruit trees that was surrounded by timber in a relatively small area. He said those areas are not good places to put fruit trees as cold air settles...
  9. bwese


    another salt product. it smells great though. No nutritional benefit
  10. bwese

    Wyoming Elk

    My buddy talked to someone in the WY game and fish and he was told that 3 points would get a general tag this year. I said that was very positive thinking as it took 4 pts to get a general last year minus the randoms. Perhaps they are thinking the new zones will allow for that. Good luck to...
  11. bwese

    What shrubs are deer candy?

    Thank you everyone! I have loads of naturally occurring grey dogwood and the deer browse it but I want to add more variety, also the nrcs biologist isn't a fan of it as he says it can be invasive. I have a couple spots on this farm that would lend to that theory. About three years ago, my dad...
  12. bwese

    What shrubs are deer candy?

    I'm renewing my continuous crp. One of the practices I'm doing allows me to plant shrubs. I will be planting 4 rows of 2 kind of shrubs. I have loads of elderberry on the place already but I know it is bombproof. I think wild plum would be a good one but not sure how much it get's browsed...
  13. bwese

    Wyoming Elk

    Good luck 1983, I think that is a good idea. I've always thought about going that route.
  14. bwese


    Deer can handle the copper. Chelated copper is best, at least that is what I was told by someone who really does know what they are talking about.
  15. bwese

    Honey Locust Tips

    I know you want to kill the honey locust, but if you notice certain trees are targeted for their pods, you might want to leave them. I have a few that the deer hammer every year regardless of how bad the winter conditions are. I've killed hundreds but these few are safe because the deer flock...
  16. bwese


    These are two of the bucks that have spent several double digit minute visits at this mineral lick. The 5x5 is new since last week. A new half rack typical 5 pt that has a 2" kicker off his G2 showed up last week as well.
  17. bwese


    Put mine out the first Sunday in Jan. The deer have been hammering it since. I'd keep refreshing it every 2 months if I didn't plan on hunting in illegal zone spelled out in the baiting law.
  18. bwese

    Mature bucks piling in with cold spell

    Like IBH1983 said, you may get some of them to stay. The las few years this has happened on our place and the best have stuck around. The place has ample food opportunities and generally we killed the oldest on the place that same season so there was room for them to move into the area.
  19. bwese

    “Moose” with my muzzy

    Again, wow! That deer just keeps growing it's trophy status. Thanks for sharing
  20. bwese

    Pheasant rebound…

    That forecast shows me a hard ice crust over the snow pile that we have now. Not good but I hope I'm way wrong.
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