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198 4/8 gross Lucky Buck!!

Just joined the site and I think I have this posted up in the PMA buck competition. Could someone let me know if it's showing up alright. Took him on 10/30/12 on an AM hunt. Pure luck and just a dash of skill on the shot at 15 yards. Rough green score of 198 4/8's, thanks to JJohnson for scoring him.
Awesome buck!! Congrats!! This years buck contest is crazy with 2 over 200 and then a 198 WOW!! Crazy year!! Congrats again!!
Liv4Rut, I didn't see any other pictures posted in the reporting page can you give me a quick over view of how that whole contest or at least the reporting/tracking of bucks goes. I initially went to the page showing the items you could win and it said "click here to post your kill" and it took me to the 2011-12 contest. I see the one now that goes over 200" and it's a beauty. Did I put it in the right place for the contest ??

I sent you a PM that should answer your questions. :way:
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That is an awesome deer. I'm not doubting you, but at that angle I don't see 200 in. although all that trash can really ad up. Do you have more pics of that brute?
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