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1st Bow Buck-Nov 15


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I was sitting on an south edge of a timber and picked corn field this morning 1st thing , where I had shot a doe earlier this season. I decided around 8 that I may be in the wrong spot because of the wind and I had to pee so I decided to move to the very north corner of this same field. I honestly didn't think I was going to have any luck as I was standing next to a fence and a few small trees. After about 15 min after I got there and about 2 min after I rattled, a buck came down one of the fence lines I was standing by. Only problem was he was on property I can't hunt. When he came into sight I knelt down to get my bow and then he started to look at me. He was about 6 yards away walking south. He would take a few steps and look at me. Eventually he jumped the fence onto more property I can't hunt and continue south, looking at me the whole time so I was still kneeling down. After we looked at each other for a while he decided to jump into the field I was sitting in. Finally I can shoot him, except I was stilling kneeling and he didn't seem to want to take his eyes off of me. I slowly rotated as he moved and he froze when I pulled back. Of course my peep was not lined up correctly so I took a chance. Found him about 100 yards away.

Photo to come I guess...
How cool is that !! Way to go to make it happen I know I should do this more also. Great Job!
Very nice! What a rush to take one from the ground! Can't believe he gave you that much of a chance after spotting you. Congrats!
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