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2021 Bow Buck


East wind pays off once again! I've had some history with this guy this year. I saw him a handful of times over the summer in my buddy's bean field about 3/4 of a mile away. Most of my area was in corn this year so deer spotting was greatly limited. I didn't get any trail camera pictures of him, even at night, but I knew he was there. I saw him hard horned for the first time on November 1 in the evening. On November 2nd, I hunted the morning then had to head into the office to get some work done. I pull out of my driveway and he's standing in the middle of the road! On November 7, I decided to push back into the public land behind my house and do a hang & hunt. I had just gotten the stand hung when this guy cruised by at 10 yards when my bow was on the ground! With a east wind forecast and weather front moving in this morning, I had high hopes. I saw a ton of chasing and knew the game was on when a hot doe got chased by my stand by two small bucks. An hour later, this guy comes cruising by right on her trail. My first buck on (amateur) video too!

Am I weird...sitting in a tree stand watching a video of someone else shoot a deer?:rolleyes:

Nice deer and video! I'm afraid to try that. I mess up enough without something else to distract me.
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