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2nd Season Bird


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Shot my best scoring turkey this year so hopefully the pictures come through. I prefer to scout birds the night before due to numerous roosting options, however that wasn't possible this time around. I've hunted this property for several years so in this situation I always go way back in first thing and setup in a likely area. As luck would have it nothing was close and based off the gobbling I heard I had literally walked past them in the dark. So after about 30 minutes it's clear they aren't coming my way, so off I go to setup #2. After another 30 minutes of gobbling...that continues to get further away, I have to pick-up and move to setup #3. This is a usual spot they head to by mid-morning and I was confident in this (hopefully final) move. After about 45 minutes of gobbling and them slowly working closer this guy ended up with a face full of Hevi-Shot.



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