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A Giant Goes Down…..


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My Brother just smoked a GIANT!!! I mean INCREDIBLE. I’m so proud of him. His close friend video’d the hunt for fun - can post that later. Perfect hunt filmed purely for memory. Got him. I promise you - this is a very big deer. Heads up …. I’ll post it HERE soon. At least pics …. Soon…..
I was lucky to share in the celebration today. What an animal, I’d say he was full grownhad a scale that goes up to 250lbs and he maxed it out right away.
Awesome and Congrats! Can’t wait to hear the full story.

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To all u first time guys out there....currently we are botoxing Aaron's lips for mass appeal. We have surgically added butt pads for an enhanced appearance. We are working on his yellow teeth to appear white. And finally we are calling every sponsor on the planet.....stay tune....stay tune
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