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A True Friend


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This couple was meet through business dealings in my shop in the early 2000s. In the winter of 2009 they were picking up a couple items and as we were finishing the transaction he asked how would you like to come and hunt our farm this year. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and I said I think that will work.
They have invited me since 2009 to hunt with them during the rut usually a couple weekends a year and they expect nothing in return. They always have food available and I sleep on the couch. Since then we have become very good friends. While there we talk deer all weekend.
In 2012 I shot a 148 inch whitetail from there farm. 2013 they were devastated by EHD so the next few years were pretty lean. Now the farm is back to its usual self with lots of deer.
I have the green light to hunt all day if I choose but he likes to regroup at noon grab a bite to eat and swap stories so I oblige cause I’m a guest. Every morning he asks me which stand I want to hunt depending on the wind but I always say you pick first.
I was getting really tired physically hunting every day since October 26 except 1 1/2 days and the minutes were turning into hours after a dismal rut with minimal deer seen and rutting activity. During that time frame I passed a couple of bucks in my own spots that I was regretting but that’s bowhunting. Friday night he said I needed to hunt a new stand that was setup this summer so I could see a new view I said that sounded good.
I was in the stand early this morning and 7 minuets before legal shooting time a buck came right under my stand and just stood there I could have spit on him. I could tell he had a big body but with the darkness I couldn’t judge the antlers other other than he looked narrow and I’m pretty sure this is the one I shot.
At 10:00 I’d only seen two deer and the confidence was going down hill quick. A few minutes later I seen a doe slowly coming up the draw and a buck slowly following her. He kept his distance as he followed her. She comes through the lane at 40 yards downhill so now I’m in kill mode. The buck did what bucks do he stayed out of the lane and stayed in the brush now he’s quartering away hard when I finally had the shot I held the 40 yard pin high on his back and touched the Stan release sending the arrow tipped with a Iron Will Broadhead on its way. The arrow entered in front of the back ham and just poked thru the opposite shoulder.
I seen him wobble after 40 yards but lost site of him. I sat down and found him laying dead with my binoculars. Then the fever started I called my daughter to cancel setting stuff out of the freezer that I was going to work on the next day. When I hung up I was fist pumping so hard my iPhone went into Do Not Disturb While Driving Mode.
He’s not my biggest but he’s mature and that is my goal year after year. He’s definitely going on the wall and meet his new buddies.
As always I’m very blessed and thankful for these opportunities to bow hunt these amazing animals. Thanks for reading and never give up as things can change very fast.
We did a very quick rough score on the tailgate but I’ll score him after the duties are done tomorrow.

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Congrats! Awesome deer and story! That's what it is all about! Put a smile on my face! Thanks for sharing!
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