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Age score

I'd say he's 4 and 150's. Hard to tell age this time of year, but his body looks mature to me.
I put him as mature and hit 160. His velvet looks like it's ready to come off and I think he will retain alot of that mass. His inside kickers will add probably 8 inches to his main frame score
I'm in the 3.5 year old boat as well and have him right at 144. Sweet deer! Potential giant in a year or two!
I say high 30s low 40s. Short tines are going to hurt his score. Looks like he will make some of it up with mass but I don't think he will hit 145. Good buck regardless. Good luck!
4 1/2 and 150. It doesn't really matter that much though. If you like him let the air out of him :)
I think he's mid 140s and 4 years old. He's got a lot of muscle tone in his neck and some sagging skin at the bottom of his neck, which tells me he was atleast 3 last year for him to have swelled up his neck enough to cause the sagging this year. If you like him take him, but he's still got a bunch of potential with the frame he's got if he survives.
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