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Alex's 1st archery deer


He's been picky this year. Wanted a 9 or 10 with the gun or an 8 with the bow. Passed a lot during youth season and just terrible luck during bow. Yesterday I was grunting at 1 buck when this guy came storming in. He hit him high and back, but got the artery and it was dead within 20 seconds I bet. I didn't see him go down, and was worried for a non lethal hit, but when I climbed up on my seat platform I saw a most welcome site.

Not bad for a 1st archery deer. I was well into my 20s before I shot anything with the bow over ear wide, and he's done it at 12


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Great first archery deer. I was in my late 20’s before I got my first archery buck. Congrats.

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Both muddy & I were saying “took us way longer in our lives to get a deer even close to that”. Well done young man, congratulations Alex!!!!

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