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Alternative to Rage Broadheads while keeping Rage benefits???


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Hey guys- different spin on the RAGE conversation. I won't use em but my bros like the big holes, etc. Today my bro had mammoth at 15 yards- draws back (& he's careful & anal about things) and somehow the broadlead was opened He said maybe somehow it caught a twig but doesn't know. Buck was alert & somehow he tried closing with fingers & is all cut up now. Couldn't draw down (long story) & was 50/50 he thought they could b closed. Shot & the Broadhead/arrow plained at least 5' off target. Missed by a mile he said and he truly is a good shot & is a hardcore monster buck hunter. He earlier hit deer in "good area" and hit some type of bone (not blade) and got 2" penetration at 20 yrds pulling 70 lbs. he's had it with Rage "never again". He knows they work sometimes but surely enough to never take chance ever again. *which was same thing with me- did the trick on 3 deer and 4th I had a typical rage failure and I decided "never again"

BUT, my MAIN QUESTION: what Broadheads r out there that have th benefits: huge holes & cutting diamters BUT don't have downsides of coming open, catching a rib & not entering and good penetration??? These are downsides of rage I've seen Time & time again. Luv the holes & blood but which Broadhead & company dont have those flaws mentioned?? I'll stick w/fixed muzzys but I think he wants expandables without the problems. Thanks !!
2010 was my last season using Rage broadheads... Switched to 100gr G5 Montecs and have shot four deer with them so far. One went 17 yards and the other three went about 40 yards. Not a very big hole as you prefer, but nothing gets much more dependable than a broadhead that is only one piece. Re-sharpen, and use again. The only downfall I've found so far on them is it seems like it takes 10 or 15 yards before you start seeing a blood trail.. Of course that doesn't really matter because the blood trail afterwards is about just as good as any I've seen and they haven't made it out of my sight yet anyway.
With some coaxing from another IW Member, I just switched to NAP HellRazors from the rage. I took the time to tune my bow correctly and it is shooting awesome. I was a hardcore rage fan, even convinced a few friends to try them. A few lost deer of our own, and seeing other horror stories, I am swearing off the expandbles for good.
I don't know of any expandable out there that could garantee that there isn't an issue with bone, blades opening etc. I would try and convince him to go to fixed blades. It only took me about 12 shos and 3 minor rest adjustments to have the Hellrazors flying exactly like my field points.
Just my $.02
I've had very good luck with Nap 2 blade Bloodrunners(2" cut) in the past. This year I'm trying Ulmer Edges(1.5" cut) and they have worked well so far on a couple antlerless tags I've filled.
whatever muddy uses leave GAPING holes....grim reapers i think. i'm a rage fan myself, but i have to admit i was thoroughly impressed with the carnage from muddy's broadhead.
Big cutting diameter fixed blade is the G5 Striker Magnum 125. 1.5" cutting diameter. Honestly, my Slick Tricks that I use leave huge holes and the bloodtrails are just ridiculous. Only a 1 1/8" cutting diameter but the design of them somehow just allows for the wound to be actually much bigger. The bloodtrail on the buck I shot this year was just a red carpet and he only went 30 yards or so. I heart shot a doe early this year, she went 20 yards, massive blood. I double lunged a doe on 10/26, went 50 yards, very good blood. I honestly think its the design of the head and keeping the blades sharp vs. the cutting diameter.
The ulmer edge is basically a 1.5 cut rage without all the side effects that come with the rage... grave digger heads are unbelievably dependable. I'm a huge fan of fixed blades and always will be but I have shot does with just about any broadhead you can think of. Rear deploying big cut expandables are great if you have a well tuned bow. A heavy draw and a heavy arrows.
When I say heavy arrows I mean 430-500 grain finished weight. It takes a lot of momentum to drive a 2" cut head with a steep blade angle through a deer
With that being said if I had to choose a head right now to shoot for the rest of my life I would pick Magnus stinger buzzcut 4 blade or something like a hellrazor or montec. Those heads cannot fail. Shot placement rules the world of bowhunting.
I've played around shooting all sorts of expandables with the blades open. Even with a nap foc Wich is a huge 2 blade over the top expandable I could still be within the vitals of a deer inside of 50 yards. One blade open or both. Having a very well tuned bow makes all the difference in the world. Yeah the arrow does plane but nowhere Near 5'
Since it's expandables you say he prefers, and no head, fixed or expandable is full proof ALL the time, I would say give the ulmer edges a serious look. I shoot fixed blades out west and up north, but still use alot of mechs here in Iowa.

Ulmer will have no pre-deployment issues, has a smaller cut which aids penetration, and will pivot around bone. Also, you can practice with the SAME head you hunt with via a set screw you can rremove once satisfied. Solid choice to try.
If your talking a true comparison to rages, I use the 3 blade, I think you need to look at other rear deploying broad heads like the G5 T3, Rocket Meat seeker, Ulmer edge and the NAP kill zone. There may be more. That's all that comes to mind and I have not used any.
Others have mentioned the Grim Reaper. I have never used them but several of my buddys do and the results I have seen are enough that they may be my next mechanical.
I have had the exact thing happen to me that you brother did. That was with a 2 blade. It seems to me the 3 blade retains the blades better and I have been very satisfied with them.
However I do have to agree with what was said already about the Slick Trick. I shot my first animal with one the other day and was very impressed. They have also been flying out of my bow with my field points out to 80 yards as good as I can shoot. I'm not one for posting carnage pics but I took one of the entrance hole. I'll see if I can post it.
I've shot 4 deer this year with rocket hammerheads, huge hole, pass thru on all deer, all deer I saw go down, but if your uncertain about a broadhead you can go to cabelas site and read reviews on them, I find that helpful
I am shooting afixed blade now, just because I wanted to minimize ANY possibility of malfunctions, but did shoot Grim Reaprs for several years. Had good performance out of them and they make as good a hole as Rage. Not as big of diameter, but three blades.
I have used the NAP hellrazors for the last two years. All three deer that i have shot died within 30-40 yards, with decent bloodtrails. In my limited experience they have great penetration and re-sharpen pretty easily.
Crap I just saw where he said he only wants expandables. Makes my last post void so sorry about that. If I were to shoot an expandable on deer, I'd shoot the Grim Reapers 1 3/8". I use them on turkeys and they leave a nasty hole.
Grim Reapers and the Ulmer Edge have been responsible for several elk falling quickly out here, Skip. I have Grim Reapers, but haven't had a chance to use them on an animal yet. A good buddy of mine also dropped an elk at 72 yards with the G5 T3. On a quartering shot, it broke ribs going in and on the off-side before lodging into the off-side shoulder. All the above leave tremendous holes and I haven't heard of any problems with their function.
I don't know if anyone has used them but I use the Red Head Gators you can get at bass pro. Cheaper then a rage but essentially the same thing with no rings. They work pretty good. My brother has blown threw both shoulders on a few does at 35 yards our so with then
. Just an idea worked well for its so far. We use to shoot rage only changed because of the price. Leaves about the same hike.
Anyone ever shot the Schwacker 2" mechanical? We have some guys in hunting with us this week that are pro staffers for them. They swear by them! I dont even like the though of mechanical heads but they promised me if i tried one then i wouldn't go back... They said they will pass through 3/4" plywood while being shot at a 70 degree angle! Anyone confirm that these points are legit?
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