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Anybody Ever Ice Fished Lake Of The Woods?


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Me and a few buddies (AIRASSAULT being one of them) are headed up to Lake of the Woods at the end of the month to do some ice fishing. Anybody ever been up there? And if so do you have any guide/ outfitter recommendations? What kind of bait/ lures to use etc. We're not overly serious about the ice fishing (at least I'm not) its more of a guys trip to do some of the proverbial "beer drinking and ball scratching" but at the same time we do want to catch some fish and have a good time. Anything helps, thanks!
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Are you using your own portables and gear? Must needs on LOTW are a good flasher,glow macho minnows and buck shots( made by Northalnd) and a couple medium light or medium rods. I have always had great luck on Adrians Road about 10-12 miles north of Pine Isalnd. Let us know some more specifics so we can narrow it down.
We have used a guide at Ballards resort with great fishing over the years His name is Kent he will do you good. Will put you on the fish walleyes and perch. we will be goining again soon also. Good Luck you will hav a great time!!
Cyrus Resort/Sportsmans/Ballards...all good

Fishing has been a bit slow this year, but that can change in a hurry
ice fishing LOTW

Have stayed out on the lake in a cabin with surrouding satelite shelters to fish from also. Get onto lake at Warroad,MN...was a good time and kept us on the fish. Look at bobsicefishing.com to find out more. Have fun!
Well we booked a sleeper shack out on the ice thru Wheeler's Point Resort. They're right at the intersection of the Rainy River and Lake of the Woods. Thanks for all the suggestions!
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