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Are blood trailing dogs legal in Iowa or not?

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I thought i read that they were legal as long as they were on a leash. I asked a conservation officer and he said he was not sure either. He then said he thought they were not. I have been looking at getting one but not if I can not us him.
I thought I remember seeing that you could not use them to track deer, but I just looked through the regs and only found where it says you cannot use dogs to hunt deer. I may have missed it though....
I know some people probably do it, at least as a last resort. Not sure on legality for tracking, but definitely illegal for hunting/running deer. I would think using them for tracking would be useful, and if on a leash, shouldn't have many issues of loose dogs running around. That is not to say that wouldn't happen tho, and I suppose someone could claim to use it for tracking and let it run loose with the leash to run deer and just say it got away.
Ask a conservation officer this question a week ago and he said technically its not legal as you are using a dog to aid in the hunt since you are still hunting the deer. That being said he still did not have a problem with using one to track a wounded deer. He said for him best to call him and let him know what you were doing. So basically check with your local officer and see how he handles it.
Well I think the DNR approved it but for some reason the Gov. did not let it pass. Then I read where he was for it. Not sure what is legal.
I found the link on the DNR web page last year and it is legal to track deer with a dog. It has to be in a leash and if the deer crosses onto another property you have to get permission for the land owner to go on that property. Also you can not have a weapon with you well tracking.
I think we have enuff deer rotting along the water in Iowa!! Use whatever means you can to recover a animal!! :drink2:
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