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Bachelor Groups?


I went out last night and saw a bachelor group of 4 bucks (all 100-140 inches) walking & eating together and not acting aggressive what so ever. All so, every doe group is still intact with yearlings...What gives? Never seen anything like it this late in the year.
Saw 130 plus deer on way to work this morning. BUcks simply eating amongst does and fawns. Absolutely no rut like behavior but wow are they hitting the food with this cold and snow.
Seen same thing Saturday morning and they were 110 to 140. That's weird. They were kind Bucky towards each other though.
I haven't really seen any aggressive behavior. Rattling hasn't really done much of anything, a couple curious young bucks this weekend, but most were all headed to the food as well.
i am seeing the opposite. lots of chasing on Saturday. rattled in several young bucks. several lone button bucks/yearlings.
SE SD here and have seen no aggressive behavior/chasing at all yet. No bachelor groups but does and bucks feeding next to each other like the rut is a month away yet.
Saw 3 bucks feeding together last night and many does and fawns feeding, very little rut behavior. Saturday morning saw a few small bucks bumping does but nothing serious.

I have never seen as many doe/fawns on this farm I'm hunting. I'm hoping with all the ladies around that it will bring some out bigger bucks soon. :way:
Watched two young bucks go at it sat. Night... I think the youngsters are chasing but does aren't quite ready, I think it will be on this weekend!
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